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Big difference from March 2012 to now

By Kelsie Hoitomt

There is no sign of 80 degree weather in the near future, unlike last year when St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in sunshine with motorcycles on the road and people working on their tans as they wore dresses and tank tops.

This year winter in Wisconsin has gone back to what it used to be years before with deep snow drifts and constant accumulation.

However, with the winters of the last few years producing little snow in the month of March, people are starting to get fed up with winter rather quickly. Maybe that is due to Mother Nature’s tease of sunshine and 30 degree days that melt away the snow and make you want to roll the car windows down.

The windows were open last year at this time with the snow entirely melted by the second week of March with people out golfing as the temperatures were in the mid-60’s from March 10-13 and then reaching 80 degrees from March 16-18.

According to The Weather Channel, the temperatures won’t be increasing until late in the month and further into April. This late season warm up will keep the snow pack around well over a month longer than what was experienced last year.