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Grant Town Board candidate: David W. Larson

By LeAnn R. Ralph

TOWN OF GRANT — Bruce Winget, incumbent Supervisor 2, declared non-candidacy for his position on the Grant Town Board and will not be a candidate on the ballot for the April 2 election.

Brad Larson and David W. Larson were nominated for the Supervisor 2 position during the Town of Grant Caucus held January 14. As of press time, Brad Larson had not yet returned the questionnaire sent out by the Colfax Messenger.

Here is the profile of David W. Larson:

1. What is your occupation?

I retired as a dairy farmer after 45 years. Now I drive a grain truck for the last four years.

2. What is your educational background?

I am a graduate of Colfax High School and a graduate of the Chippewa Valley Technical College’s adult farm ag classes.

3. How long have you lived in the Town of Grant?

I have lived here for 44 years, after purchasing my farm in 1969.

4. Why did you decide to run for the Grant Town Board?

After being on the board before, I decided there are still things that need to be addressed.

5. What about your background makes you particularly suited to serve on the town board?

I’m interested in keeping the Town of Grant agriculturally committed. I have been on the Colfax Farmers Union board for 18 years.

6. Why are you the best candidate for the Supervisor 2 position in the Town of Grant?

Having already served as supervisor, I have an understanding of how our local town government operates.

7. What do you believe to be the biggest challenges facing the Town of Grant and how could the town board go about responding to those challenges or issues?

Our biggest challenges are finding ways to preserve our farmland for future generations and finding ways to preserve our roadways for safe traveling among our residents without causing undo hardship on the town and its residents.

8. Additional comments?

I think it’s important to keep supporting our local volunteer fire protection and supporting our EMT departments.