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Lindsey Schindler promoted to Sergeant

Sergeant Lindsey Schindler was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Sergeant on November 2nd, 2012 in the United States Marine Corps. This is a pristine accomplishment that shows a continuum of selfless devotion to the Corps, Country and in keeping with the traditions of the United States Naval Service.

Her tenacious and insatiable character awarded her this promotion above her peers. She was one of five Marines selected for the meritorious promotion. Her poise and character and unrelenting drive to improve the corps, she attended and graduated from the Martial Arts Instructor Course, School of Infantry, aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA on December 14th, 2012 as a Black Belt, 1ST Degree Instructor. She sustained three weeks of integrated training in the disciplines of martial arts, esprit de corps and warrior ethos to train Marines not only in hand-to-hand/close quarters combat but in those disciplines as well.  With her natural leadership intuition and love of the Corps, January 17, 2012, with already one illustrious enlistment, she reenlisted into the corps with a change in her military occupational specialty as a KC-130 Crew Chief. She will be responsible for the overall maintenance, performance, welfare and safety of flight for the aircraft and personnel aboard. Sgt Schindler expects to have an even greater impact on her Marines and to the Corps in the years to follow.