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GCPD installs new security cameras in squad cars

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – The Glenwood City Police Department now has Digital Ally security cameras in both squad cars as of this year.

Both cameras were purchased with the help of grant monies. The first camera installed in the dark squad car was bought with the help of a $4,000 Traffic Safety Grant after the GCPD participated in the 2012 “Click It or Ticket” campaign. The latest camera was purchased with the help of an Office of Justice Assistance Grant for $4,925. Both cameras cost $4,925 dollars each.

 These cameras are able to record the scene of an accident or routine traffic stop as well as sounds that happen inside the squad car. Also, communication with the officer and civilian can be recorded as there is a mic on the officer. The camera can also record the conversations and person(s) under arrest in the back seat of the car as well.

The camera is mounted near the top of the windshield inside the car and the video screen is built into the rearview mirror. On the mirror is where the video can be recorded, watched, stopped or fast forwarded, etc. The video is saved on a memory card, which is password locked into the mirror so the card won’t be stolen. There are several features to this extensive system even though it is fairly compact.

The camera itself turns on automatically when the blue and red lights start flashing or it can be turned on manually. There is also a zoom feature, which allows for a close up on a license plate for example or a wide view to show the entire vehicle and surrounding area.

These cameras serve two main purposes; to protect the public and to protect the officer. Visual evidence keeps everyone honest and is a huge aid in the courts as well.