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Grant received for 2013 Dunn County hazardous waste program

Thanks to a generous grant, Dunn County will be able to hold a Hazardous Waste Collection this fall.

The $19,000 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection allows households, farms and businesses to partake in the collection.  Dates for the event will be Wednesday, September 11th at the Colfax Fairgrounds and on Thursday, September 12th at the Dunn County Transfer Station in Menomonie.  It is unknown if  funding will be available for hazardous waste collections beyond this year, so participation in the 2013 event is strongly encouraged.

Items for a hazardous waste collection include: automotive, garden, workshop or household products labeled as toxic, caustic, poisonous, flammable etc.  Appropriate disposal of these products is imperative to the environment and keeps residents safer and healthier by limiting their exposure to such hazardous chemicals.  Improper storage or disposal of hazardous items can result in fire, groundwater contamination, and injuries to people or animals through accidental poisonings.  For more information about Dunn County’s upcoming Hazardous Waste Collection or an expanded list of hazardous materials go to the Dunn County Solid Waste Division’s webpage at or call 715-232-4017.  The Dunn County Solid Waste Division is also on Facebook at