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Area nomination papers handed in last week

By Kelsie Hoitomt

Nomination papers were handed in on Wednesday, January 2 to the Village of Boyceville, City of Glenwood City and the Boyceville and Glenwood City School Districts for the upcoming spring election.

In the Village of Boyceville, all the current incumbents, except for Keith Sorenson, filed for candidacy including Gilbert Krueger, Bud Gilbertson and John Hellmann. There is no nomination for a Judge.

In the School District of Boyceville, current incumbent Tim Sempf along with Jeremy Mittlestadt and Ellen Carlson each filed candidacy papers, John Zavodny filed non-candidacy papers.

In the School District of Glenwood City, current incumbents Lisa Kaiser, Lori Klinger and John Logghe all filed for candidacy. Also handing in their nomination papers were Charlotte Obermueller Heimer and Chuck Draxler.

In the City of Glenwood City, current incumbents Steve Lee, Terry Klinger and Crystal Booth each filed candidacy papers. Also handing in a nomination paper was Ben DeGross.