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Wisconsin wolf hunt now closed

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has stated that as of December 23 the wolf harvest is over and all zones are closed.

This has been the states’ first modern wolf hunting and trapping season with 117 wolves harvested since October.

Zone 3, which covered Burnett, Washburn, Rusk and Taylor counties was the last zone to fill its quota with 17 wolves harvested. The limit was 18 wolves, but due to the concern of over harvesting, the DNR closed the area at 17.

“This is Wisconsin’s inaugural season. We have learned much about hunter and trapper success rates and will learn more as we analyze additional data. This will help us draft permanent rules and the long-term management of our wolf population,” said Kurt Thiede, DNR Lands Division Administrator.

Permit applications for next year wolf hunt will be available at the beginning of March.