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Cady Cheese sold to Burnett Dairy Co-Op

GRANTSBURG – On November 14, the Burnett Dairy Cooperative announced that it has acquired Cady Cheese Factory, Inc., a specialty cheese manufacturing, distribution and retail marketing company located in Wilson, WI. The purchase will provide a more diversified product portfolio of cheese and whey products and will add a well-established go-to-market strategy for retail cheese products to compliment the existing food service strategy that Burnett Dairy currently offers to its customers today.

The asset purchase of Cady Cheese Factory will allow Burnett Dairy to complement its existing product portfolio of award-winning Italian cheese (Mozzarella and Provolone) and premium artisan cheddar products with the award-winning lineup of the Cady Cheese Factory’s specialty cheddar products with specific emphasis on deli-horn Colby. In addition, the acquisition will add the ability to Burnett Dairy Cooperative to market and deliver cheese products into the retail grocery and deli markets via the vehicle that Cady Cheese Factory employs today to achieve the necessary avenues into these competitive markets.

“This strategic acquisition will allow our farmer-owned cooperative to promote our dairy farmers and our world-class cheese products, on a branded platform in key retail, grocery and deli operations, nationwide” said Dan Dowling, CEO of Burnett Dairy Cooperative. “Currently, a majority of our award-winning products are promoted in the premium food service industry with very little emphasis and focus on the trail segment. This acquisition will provided us the necessary tools to develop and execute an immediate focus in these retail markets while maintaining our dedication to our customers in the food-service industry. In addition to balancing our go-to-market strategy for food service and the newly added retail markets; we will also be able to better balance our milk markets in volatile trading environments and add significant manufacturing capacity for quality cheese and whey products. This will be achieved at a fraction of the cost it would otherwise require for new construction, to achieve the same level of capacity, at our existing plant in Grantsburg, WI. At the end of the day, we want to continue to provide the absolute best value to our end customers and member-owners with this acquisition. The board of directors and me feel very strongly that this acquisition aligns with that mission.”

About Burnett Dairy Cooperative

Burnett Dairy Cooperative is a farmer-owned cooperative that was established in 1896. Burnett dairy Cooperative is a uniquely diversified company with two vertically integrated divisions; the foods division and the Ag-Services division. The foods division produces world-class, award-winning cheese products for both retail and food service companies. Burnett  Dairy Cooperative has achieved numerous awards for the quality cheese products over the years including the distinguished honor of World Champion. The Ag-Services division manufactures and markets feed and nutrition products for dairy cows, crop inputs, and energy services which  include refined fuels and propane. Both divisions serve their member-owners with unique products, services and markets for their locally produced milk and grain products. The unique integration allows for the company to ensure that Best-Management-Practices for farming operations are encouraged, within sustainable environments, leading to industry leading quality all accomplished while ensuring a strict and unwavering focus on animal welfare.