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Additional cemetery CSM will cost Colfax $1,400

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — The estimate to survey and create a certified survey map (CSM) for the new addition to Evergreen Cemetery is $1,400.

Village Trustee Chris Olson reported at the Colfax Village Board’s November 12 meeting that he had talked to Bill Yingst, Colfax school district administrator, about the cemetery addition that will come from land currently owned by the school district.

The additional cost for the CSM was included in a letter to the Village of Colfax dated October 23 from Ronald Jasperson, a registered land survey with Cedar Corporation out of Menomonie.

The certified survey map will make the survey of the new portion of the cemetery easier, Chris Olson said.

Although village officials had assumed that since the land east of Evergreen Cemetery was no longer being used for a school forest, it must belong to the village — that turned out not to be the case.

Peoples State Bank had deeded 28 acres to the Colfax School District in 1943 to be used for a school forest.

According to the warranty deed, the land was to be used by the school district for “reforestation purposes” and when the school district was no longer using the land for trees, the land could only be used for the cemetery.

Members of the Colfax Village Board had assumed that the transfer of ownership would be automatic after the school district had removed the trees.

“Mr. Yingst was adamant that it be done right this time,” said Jackie Ponto, village administrator clerk-treasurer, at the November 12 village board meeting.

Gary Stene, village president, said he also has had several discussions with Yingst.

“(Yingst) is in favor of clearing it up and making sure it is done right now,” he said.

At the moment, the village is waiting for a quit-claim deed from the school district, Olson noted.

The Colfax Board of Education was scheduled to meet on Monday, November 19, and Olson said the school board was expected to take action on the quit-claim deed.

In June, the Colfax Village Board accepted a bid of $8,000 from Cedar Corporation to complete the survey of Evergreen Cemetery.

The $1,400 for the CSM will be in addition to the $8,000 cost for the survey.

The cemetery is located in the Town of Colfax and is not within the village limits.

Other business

In other business, the Colfax Village Board:

• Approved a Class “B” Beer and “Class C” wine license for 603 Main Street, Colfax, for Lynn J. Sampson Schneider for Lynn’s Brewed Awakenings.

• Approved bartender operator licenses for Jessica Rebak and Sandra Sikora from November 12, 2012, through June 30, 2013.

• Approved renewing the contract with Weber Inspections (Fred Weber) out of Menomonie.

• Approved a conditional final pay request for the First Avenue project in the amount of $4,000.92. Engineers from Ayres Associates have asked that the pay request be approved conditionally pending the receipt of project close-out documents.