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Election results in wins for Barack Obama, Tammy Baldwin

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The nation exercised its right to vote last Tuesday, November 3 in the 2012 presidential election which was a race featuring current President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and Republican candidate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

President Obama was elected to serve his second term along side Vice President Joe Biden after receiving 50 percent of the votes (61,172,697) versus Romney who had 48 percent of the votes (58,169,968) with Florida’s results still being processed, according to reports on CNN.

History was made when Democrat Tammy Baldwin was elected as U.S Senator; she is the first openly gay woman to hold a seat in the senate. She defeated Republican candidate, Tommy Thompson 51 percent to 46 percent.

The unofficial results for the Presidential election and the U.S Senate election for St.Croix County and Dunn County can be found inside this issue.

Presidential Results – DUNN COUNTY 
Barack Obama  Mitt Romney 
Town of Hay River  138  131 
Town of New Haven  141  185 
Town of Stanton  171  229 
Town of Tiffany  134  190 
Village of Boyceville  259  214 
Village of Downing  55  45 
Village of Knapp  86  147 
Village of Wheeler  81  51 
Total  11303  10210 


TammyBaldwin TommyThompson
Town of Hay River  133  129 
Town of New Haven  142  166 
Town of Stanton  172  213 
Town of Tiffany  132  191 
Village of Boyceville  239  211 
Village of Downing  49  46 
Village of Knapp  81  136 
Village of Wheeler  75  52 
Total  10658  10025