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Boyceville Science Olympiad performs well at Medford/Unity Invitational

THE BOYCEVILLE Science Olympiad team competed at the Medford/Unity Invitational On Saturday, March 9th where the high school team placed fourth and the middle school team took 2nd. —photo submitted

MEDFORD – The Boyceville Science Olympiad attended the Medford Invitational Tournament in-person on March 9th with both teams earning team awards. Thirty-nine different middle school and high school students earned medals. Boyceville High School medal winners were as follows:

Gold medals were earned by the following:

Air Trajectory – seniors Zach Kersten and Parker Coombs

Horticulture – junior Emily Fetzer and senior Peter Wheeldon

Scrambler – Coombs and Wheeldon

Towers – Coombs and Fetzer

Silver medals were earned by the following:

Forensics – Fetzer and sophomore Karen Schaff

Robot Tour – Wheeldon and Kersten

Wind Power – Coombs and Wheeldon

Flight – sophomores Jon Madison and Zoey Hellendrung (JV)

Towers – J. Madison and Hellendrung (JV)

Horticulture – senior Hannah Dunn (JV)

Wind Power – senior Treylin Thorson and freshman Devon Lee (JV)

Bronze medals were earned by the following:

Codebusters – senior Becca Wyss, Kersten, and Wheeldon

Detector Building – Wyss and Coombs

Flight – Wyss and Kersten

Optics – junior Abigail Bauer and Wyss

Towers – senior Cora Leslie and Dunn (JV)

Robot Tour – Thorson and Lee (JV)

Fourth place medals were earned by the following:

Anatomy & Physiology – senior Kylie Ludtke and K. Schaff

Ecology – sophomore Anna Hafermann and K. Schaff

Fossils – Luedtke and A. Hafermann

Geocaching – K. Schaff and Wheeldon

Geologic Mapping – A. Hafermann and Fetzer

Precision Medicine – K. Schaff and Ludtke

Horticulture – freshman Isabelle Konsti and J. Madison (JV)

Wind Power – J. Madison and Hellendrung (JV)

Scrambler – Thorson and Lee (JV)

Boyceville Middle School medal winners were as follows:

Gold medals were earned by the following:

Air Trajectory – seventh graders Easton Lange and Clayton Score

Can’t Judge a Powder – Lange and Score

Ecology – ninth graders Brady Rassmussen and Eleanor Farrell

Experimental Design – Rasmussen and E. Farrell

Fast Facts – ninth grader Kade Phillips and Rasmussen

Flight – Score and Lange

Horticulture – seventh graders Aubrie Humpal and Jillian Boesl

Mystery Architecture – eighth graders Eli Weber and Walter Schaff

Road Scholar – Rasmussen and E. Farrell

Roller Coaster – Score and Lange

Towers – Score and Lange

Wheeled Vehicle – Lange and Phillips

Wind Power – Weber and W. Schaff

Robo Cross – sixth graders Aiden Feeney and Logan Monfort (JV)

Silver medals were earned by the following:

Geocaching – Score and Lange

Optics – W. Schaff and Weber

Reach for the Stars – Rasmussen and seventh grader Sara Hafermann

Robo Cross – Phillips and Score

Air Trajectory – Feeney and L. Monfort (JV)

Mystery Architecture – Feeney and L. Monfort (JV)

Flight – Humpal and Boesl (JV)

Towers – Humpal and Boesl (JV)

Wheeled Vehicle – seventh graders Eli Cassellius and RJ Swenby (JV)

Bronze medals were earned by the following:

Dynamic Planet – E. Farrell and S. Hafermann

Forestry – Weber and W. Schaff

Wheeled Vehicle – Boesl and Humpal (JV)

Air Trajectory – sixth graders Sawyer Wirth and Owen Christopherson (JV)

Roller Coaster – Cassellius and Swenby (JV)

Mystery Architecture – sixth graders Noah Monfort and Owen Lunderville (JV)

Optics – N. Montfort and Lunderville (JV)

Robo Cross – sixth grader Elizabeth Tegart and seventh grader Charlie Chernak (JV)

Towers – seventh graders Chris Madison and JB Mittlestadt (JV)

Wind Power – sixth grader Samantha Bauer and Tegart (JV)

Fourth place medals were earned by the following:

Anatomy & Physiology – Phillips and Rasmussen

Codebusters – Score, Lange, and Phillips

Crime Busters – S. Hafermann

Disease Detectives – E. Farrell and S. Hafermann

Microbe Mission – Weber and W. Schaff

Flight – eighth grader Ivan Farrell and seventh grader Payton Lee (JV)

“Our kids had a really good day in Medford” said head coach Andy Hamm. “We had many kids step up and have outstanding days after many weeks of hard work. We competed with some very competitive teams and our kids did an outstanding job of representing Boyceville. I am excited to see with continued work how the team will continue to grow and develop as the year progresses.”

Boyceville High School will next be in action at the Wisconsin State Tournament at UW-Stevens Point on Saturday, April 13th Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm, Russ Riehbrandt, and Tony Pelikan.

Final Results of the Medford High School Science Olympiad Invitational

High School Results

Varsity Teams Only

Rank School Score

1 Madison West 31

2 Medford 65

3 Menomonie 71

4 Boyceville 78

5 Wausau West 93

6 Unity 107

7 Denmark 169

8 Colfax 172

9 Weyauwega-Fremont 186

Middle School Results

Rank School Score

1 Menomonie Varsity 41

2 Boyceville Varsity 43

3 Unity Varsity 69

4 Menomonie JV 165

5 Unity JV 185

6 Menomonie C 206

7 Menomonie D 213

8 Boyceville JV 243

9 Boyceville F 254

10 Boyceville D 256

11 Boyceville C 262

12 Boyceville E 265

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