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Boyceville Science Olympiad opens 2023-2024 season in Belleville

BOYCEVILLE Science Olympiad opens season. This past Saturday, November 11 about 20 percent of the 7th – 12th grades students at Boyceville competed at the Belleville Science Olympiad Tournament. The high school varsity team won 1st place in the Small School Division and 6th place overall, while the middle school varsity team took 1st place in the Small School Division and 2nd place overall.
—photo by Steve Duerst

BELLEVILLE – The Boyceville Science Olympiad program opened the 2023-2024 season in-person this past weekend Belleville with a Division 2 team championship at the middle school level and a Division 2 team runner-up at the high school level.  Boyceville High School medal winners were as follows:

Gold medals were earned by the following: Seniors Parker Coombs and Zach Kersten in Air Trajectory; Seniors Becca Wyss, Peter Wheeldon, and Coombs in Experimental Design; Wyss and Kersten in Flight; Wheeldon and sophomore Karen Schaff in Geocaching; Juniors Delaney Olson and Emily Fetzer in Horticulture; Coombs and Wheeldon in Scrambler; Coombs and Fetzer in Towers; Coombs and Wheeldon in Wind Power; D. Olson and Fetzer in Write It, Do It; Sophomores Zoey Hellendrung and William Engel in Scrambler (JV); Seniors Ali McRoberts and Hannah Dunn in Horticulture (JV)

Silver medals were earned by the following: Coombs and Wyss in Detector Building; Senior Kylie Luedtke and sophomore Johanna Antinucci in Fossils; Wheeldon and Kersten in Robot Tour; Sophomore Jon Madison and Engel in Flight (JV); Senior Cora Leslie and Dunn in Towers (JV)

Bronze medals were earned by the following: Wyss, Wheeldon, and Kersten in Codebusters; Antinucci and Schaff in Ecology; Junior Abigail Bauer and Kersten in Mystery Architecture; Sophomore Chelsi Holden and Engel in Air Trajectory (JV); Hellendrung and Holden in Experimental Design (JV); Freshmen Sawyer Garbe and Isabelle Konsti in Horticulture (JV); Madison and Engel in Mystery Architecture (JV); Holden and Hellendrung in Towers (JV); Dunn and Leslie in Flight (JV)

Fourth place medals were earned by the following: Holden and Engel in Wind Power (JV); Senior Sydney Garbe and Sawyer Garbe in Write It, Do It (JV)

Fifth place medals were earned by the following: Luedtke and Schaff in Precision Medicine

Sixth place medals were earned by the following: Luedtke and Schaff in Microbe Mission

Boyceville Middle School medal winners were as follows:

Gold medals were earned by the following: Freshman Kade Phillips and seventh grader Easton Lange in Air Trajectory; Seventh grader Clayton Score and Lange in Flight; Score and Lange in Geocaching; Freshmen Emily Jackson and Ava Dormanen in Horticulture; Eighth graders Eli Weber and Walter Schaff in Mystery Architecture; Weber and Schaff in Optics; Freshman Eleanor Farrell, Dormanen, and Emily Jackson in Picture This; Freshman Brady Rasmussen and seventh grader Sara Hafermann in Reach for the Stars; Eleanor Farrell and Rasmussen in Road Scholar; Phillips and Score in Robo Cross; Lange and Score in Roller Coaster; Eighth grader Isabelle Feeney and Score in Towers; Schaff and Weber in Wind Power; Phillips and Feeney in Write It, Do It; Eighth graders Arnold Sudbrink and Tim Jackson in Air Trajectory (JV); Eighth grader Ivan Farrell and seventh grader Payton Lee in Flight (JV)

Silver medals were earned by the following: Lange and Phillips in Wheeled Vehicle ; Eighth grader Vance Olson in Air Trajectory (JV); Seventh graders Aubrie Humpal and Jillian Boesl in Horticulture (JV); Seventh graders Charlie Chernak and JB Mittlestadt in Towers (JV)

Bronze medals were earned by the following: Score, Lange, and Feeney in Codebusters; Emily Jackson and Dormanen in Crime Busters; Dormanen, Rasmussen, and Eleanor Farrell in Experimental Design; Schaff and Weber in Forestry; Dormanen and Hafermann in Meteorology; Sudbrink and Tim Jackson in Flight (JV); Humpal and Boesl in Wheeled Vehicle (JV)

Fourth place medals were earned by the following: Emily Jackson and Dormanen in Can’t Judge a Powder; Rasmussen and Eleanor Farrell in Ecology; Emily Jackson and Hafermann in Fossils; Feeney and Schaff in Microbe Mission; Seventh graders Eli Cassellius and Robert Swenby in Flight (JV); Seventh grader Amelia Henningfeld in Roller Coaster (JV); Humpal and Boesl in Towers (JV); Cassellius and Swenby in Wheeled Vehicle (JV)

“We have a large team this year and it was exciting to have so many students compete in Belleville” said head coach Andy Hamm.  “We have a lot of new students, especially in the middle school, and it has been great to see the hard work of new members pay off this early in the season.  It is always hard to fill so many new spots on a varsity team and our new members have done a great job of pulling everybody up and filling in the holes left from last year.”

Boyceville will next be in action at home at the Boyceville Invitational on December 2nd.  Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm, Russ Riehbrandt, Tony Pelikan, and Steve Duerst.

Final Results of the 7th Annual Belleville High School Science Olympiad Invitational

High School Results – Varsity Teams Only

Rank School Division Score

1 Marquette University 1 37

2 Slinger 2 119

3 Northridge (IN) 1 122

4 Madison West 1 125

5 Lake Central (IN) 1 135

6 Boyceville 2 141

7 Belleville 2 187

8 Medford Area 2 190

9 Menomonie 1 205

10 Platteville 2 237

11 Beloit Turner 2 253

12 Racine Prairie 2 258

13 Westfield Area 2 287

14 Fox Homeschoolers (IL) 2 314

15 Campbellsport 2 317

16 Madison Country Day 2 362

17 Oregon 2 396

18 Colfax 2 406

19 Durand (IL) 2 407

20 Evansville 2 420

21 Madison LaFollette 2 427

22 Neenah 2 455

23 Poynette 2 457

24 Wautoma 2 470

25 Horicon 2 494

Middle School Results – Varsity Teams Only

Rank School Division Score

1 Daniel Wright (IL) 1 39

2 Boyceville 2 87

3 Our Lady of Mt Carmel (IL) 1 102

4 Madison Hamilton 1 115

5 Platteville 2 134

6 Fox Homeschoolers (IL) 1 136

7 Bell School (IL) 2 151

8 Northridge (IN) 1 162

9 Madison Country Day 2 163

10 Brookfield Pilgrim Park 2 181

11 Campbellsport 2 212

12 Westfield Area 2 226

13 Durand (IL) 2 309

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