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Paige Mrdutt attends Badger Girls State

Paige Mrdutt

OSHKOSH — Badger Girls State (BGS) held its 78th session on June 18 – 22, 2023 at the UW-Oskosh Campus.

Glenwood City and Wilson Auxiliary units, with the financial assistance of the Boyceville Legion, sponsored upcoming Boyceville High School senior, Paige Mrdutt, as a delegate. Paige is the daughter of Tom Mrdutt and Amy Frieburg of Boyceville.

BGS is one of American Legion Auxiliary’s most recognized programs. The program affords participants an opportunity to live together as self governing citizens by informing them about the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship and hopefully encourages their participation in the democratic process as they progress into adulthood. This “hands on” method is unque and extremely effective.

Paige was one of 500 delegates at BGS, and was elected to the school board, where she had to solve some issues happening in the school.

Paige made some amazing friends during the week, met Tony Evers, and sang in the choir. She stated BGS was an experience that she will remember forever. She is grateful for the opportunity to attend this program. 

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