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Glenhaven Happenings 6-8-2022

May 28-June 3, 2022

So much can happen in a week. Sometimes, it can feel like an eternity; other times it can go in the blink of an eye. I think, because we had the holiday on Monday, this week seemed to fly by. We lost a dear friend, celebrated our veterans and mourned our fallen comrades, had some change of plans, but managed to still have fun through it all.

Monday morning, the American Legion Post# 232 surprised our residents with a special Memorial Day service outside in our courtyard. They honored friends and relatives who never made it home, while celebrating our remaining heroes. The weather was lovely for our residents to enjoy it.

Tuesday started with Breakfast Trivia. The topic for the day: Riddles! Household D had the most correct answers and won the month by 3 points. We exercised and visited afterward over coffee. Then, to finish up the morning, we played a dice game. Emma received the honor of Grand Champion. In the afternoon, we continued our travel series. This week, the residents travelled to Alaska. Glaciers, mountains, waters, fishing, wildlife…the residents were taken with such raw, mostly untouched beauty.

Wednesday: typical. Hair, nails and BINGO! (I was asked to cook in the kitchen and was not available to host activities, but to our wonderful staff filled in for me.) Beverlye and Lois were registered for the St. Croix County Fair. Yes, folks, it is getting close to fair days everywhere!

On Thursday, the morning began with exercise. A fun game of kickball. We enjoyed beverages while we discussed the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in England. The residents remembered when Elizabeth first took the throne. This led into conversations about other major news regarding royalty, including American Royalty: The Kennedys. Thursday afternoon it was Shuffleboard time! Friendly competition permeated the atmosphere. These folks were calculating in their play; quite impressive. Cheering, laughs and chocolates abound!

Finally Friday and National Doughnut Day! For the morning, we exercised upper and lower body using gross motor skills. After our session, Beverlye presided over the Resident Council Meeting. All things considered, no complaints were made. Phwew! We devoured scrumptious doughnuts from Sweet B’s in Baldwin with our coffee. Then, I wanted to do something different this week; therefore, we painted canvases instead of gardening. Nice work done by all who participated, including the critic. We ended Friday, and our week, with popcorn and The Mask of Zorro, a recommendation by David.

And so, we have ended one month and began another all within a week. This coming week should hold many new adventures for our beloved residents as time keeps marching on.

Sandy Wilsnach, 

Activity Director 

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