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Glenhaven Happenings 4-13-22

April 9 – 15, 2022

It seems all we do lately is talk about the weather. But, honestly, how can you not? We have had the strangest four seasons in one month.

Our week leading up to Easter was filled with fun activities. Monday began with exercises and some beach ball volleyball. During coffee time, I introduced a new card game to the residents. It was a word association card game. I think we will have to explore this one a bit more before it garners any real interest. However, we did have some good laughs. In the afternoon, it was Bake Club. Beverlye had suggested bread pudding and so, that is what we made. A chocolate chip bread pudding with a peanut butter cream sauce. It turned out really well.

Breakfast Trivia, Tuesday morning, proved to stump our residents. Now, I thought for sure the residents would have had an easier time with Presidential Trivia; however, that was not the case. Cherrie from household E actually had the most correct answers and that was enough to lead her team to the daily win. Exercise followed trivia. We did our stretches and worked on large motor function. Afterwards, we enjoyed coffee time while waiting for Pastor Jonathon. As always, he was super, not only in his delivery, but in his manner to our residents.

John Lynch sang for us in the afternoon on Tuesday. A pretty good turnout from the “groupies.” 

Wednesday morning, some of our beautiful residents got their hair done by Jennifer. And, of course we had BINGO in the afternoon with help from Kate and Darcy, the lovely CNAs. I entertained the residents while we were waiting for our assistant to assist. I shared a story about a friend of mine I worked with prior to this job who would always do a high kick whenever she saw me. I demonstrated this for them and they laughed at my craziness. I teased I would do that for them every morning because I was that excited to see their reactions.

On Thursday, we dyed Easter Eggs after our exercise. What fun! The residents loved the colors. They especially enjoyed trying different dyeing methods, like dropping one in Cherrie’s grape juice. The eggs all looked so brilliant, the colors vibrant compared to the dreariness of the skies outside. We let them dry before we ate any in the afternoon. 

To end our week, Friday began with some catch. Then we gathered for coffee time and a great laugh amongst friends. Norman entertained us with his sense of humor. Clancy, David and Donna got a kick out his witty, sarcastic banter with me. As we were all visiting, the Easter Bunny made an early appearance. She brought Easter baskets filled with all kinds of goodies. The smiles were contagious as our residents lit up when they saw her.

It was popcorn and Sound of Music to round out the day. 

I hope your Easter was spent in the loving arms of your family and friends. As April is half over, we set our sights on May and Mother’s Day, Long Term Care Week and Derby Days. More information to follow in the coming weeks.

Take Care, friends!

Sandy Wilsnach, 

Activity Director 

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