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Havenwood Scoop

Greetings. I hope you all are doing great and that you are enjoying our spring weather. Oops I just heard we are getting more snow this week. This will be the third time on the robins so this should do it. We had our one hour exercise class on Monday.  Everyone seems to enjoy it. I don’t understand that myself but I appreciate their enthusiasm for it. After all I belong to the Fitness Protection Program so I really don’t have to participate, right?  The Boyceville Methodist church was here on Tuesday. We appreciate these folks coming to our humble facility. We also had a robust game of volleyball which we put our whole soul and body into it.  If I remember correctly our side won. (It usually does.) Wednesday was another day of grueling exercises. Leonard Parent thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced toast. I beg to differ. All week we all carried a special secret. You see this week was the last week of Jennifer Perrin’s tenure here as manager of Havenwood and Grand Oaks. So a surprise party was held by the Havenwood staff and residents. I went into her office to distract her while they set up the party. I filled her up with lots of useless information and the plan worked. When she came out of her office she was greeted by much applause by the tenants of Havenwood and Grand Oaks.  And a grand old party it was, complete with cheese, crackers, root beer floats, pickled herring (I gorged myself) and a lovely cake and gifts and a gift of hard cold cash. She was pretty shocked as we managed to be tight lipped, but gradually relaxed and took it all in. Then Friday we were all shocked because another party had been planned by Grand Oaks.  Once again we were treated to snacks, beverages and cake. Jennifer once again was surprised and got to bash in another farewell party. Jennifer was a great manager and did a terrific job and we will all miss her.  But we wish her well and look forward to working with her replacement Mr. Kevin Weimer who hails from Cedar Lake, Wisconsin. I hope you all had a good week and don’t put the snow shovels away just yet.

 Till next time, Lois Kilde

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