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Glenhaven Happenings 3-23-2022

MAKING Irish Soda Bread for St. Patrick’s Day. —photo submitted

March 12th-March 18th

On my way to work, I saw two robins sitting in the road. Spring. A sure sign that warmer weather is not too far away. It is almost tangible; the palpable anticipation for sunshiny days, warm, green grass and sweet-smelling buds of flowers.

But, we still have the rest of March to get through and we know how that can go! Monday was no exception to that.

This past week was fun for the residents and staff. I was out of the office on Monday; however, Tuesday began with Breakfast Trivia. We continued with the proverb theme. Household E started out strong with a three point lead for the week. Exercises consisted of static stretching and proximal joint movements. We also kicked the beach ball around the circle. To add some dimension (not to mention the eye/hand coordination), I introduced a smaller ball into the circle by bouncing it to each resident. It made them consistently aware of their surroundings; should they kick or catch. Confusing, but a lot of laughs (Norman exclaiming, “What? Are you trying to kill us?!”) and that always makes for a great morning. We “cooled” down with coffee and a light snack as we discussed current events. 

Tuesday afternoon we traveled to Ireland. A great turnout for the documentary. We marveled at the glorious beauty of the Isle O’ Green. We discussed Ireland and the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday over our snack social and wished we could actually travel there someday.

Wednesday brought lovely temperatures and our lovely hair stylist, Jen, to Glenhaven. Jen has garnered quite the clientele; her regulars, a few occasionals and one or two once-in-a-whilers made up a list that kept her busy throughout the morning. Thank you for enhancing the beauty of our residents. And, of course, all that beauty was on full display at the BINGO tables in the afternoon. Donna claimed she felt “lucky”, but it was Janet who was the big winner. We teased her that Rueben should stay home on BINGO days because she does better on her winnings. Janet agreed, humorously. Don’t worry, Rueben, you are always invited to come play BINGO with your wife. Patsy from Grand Oaks made homemade, delicious chocolate chip cookies for our snack. Warm, gooey and slightly soft.

St. Patrick’s Day was Thursday. Quite a whirlwind of a day. All the staff dressed up in green. Irish jig music was played all day. Breakfast trivia was all about St. Patrick’s Day and the color green. Cherrie and Willard from Household E; Marilyn, Donna and Norman from Household D. Household D managed to keep their monthly lead in the standings. One question stooped all, even some staff…”What mythical creature is said to pinch you if you do not wear green on St. Patty’s Day?” The best answer was The Lochness Monster; however, the right answer is a leprechaun. We exercised to Irish jig music and Becky, who was trying to find something a bit more upbeat, told us about watching River Dance and her family connection to it. We asked her to demonstrate her jig skills; she refused.

Beverlye and I made Irish Soda Bread after coffee time. She had never made it before and enjoyed making something new. It turned out perfect. Great job, Beverlye. 

After the corned beef with cabbage, potatoes and carrots was served; the residents gathered for a game of Hot Leprechaun. The premise is similar to Hot Potato, where an object (in this case: a green ball dressed like a leprechaun) is passed around during music. Once the music stops, whoever is left holding the object (leprechaun) is out of the circle. And, so it goes until there is one…He/She Who Must Be Named (winner). We had a large circle of players, many Irish pub songs started and ended until it came down to Beverlye and David. The intensity of their “duel” was witnessed by those who previously left the circle. Ultimately, David bested Beverlye in a very clever move. Good job to all! To end the day on a sweet note, the residents enjoyed chocolate mint lasagna made by our CNA, Emma. I had planned on serving green beer with pretzels, but they wanted the dessert instead.

Finally Friday! Exercise, popcorn and Two Mules for Sister Sara were the highlights. 

And, so ends another week. If you are interested in seeing more shenanigans of residents and staff, like us on Facebook. We have cookies!

On Sunday, we begin the vernal equinox, spring! Enjoy the week, friends.

Sandy Wilsnach, 

Activity Director 

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