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Glenhaven News 1-26-2022

Glenhaven News:

January 15-21

Almost done with January, folks! Hurray. It’s like one down, 2 to go (months) until spring.

Monday we had bake club and decided to make oatmeal cookies. I had the biggest turnout so far and everyone who participated did a fantastic job mixing the dough and rolling out the cookies. We compared oatmeal cookie recipes from when we were all young and the different ways they can be made. I learned a great trick…soaking or soft boiling raisins not only adds flavor, but keeps the cookies really moist. I wonder if I can do that with Craisins?

Tuesday, we had Rod Hildahl come and perform for all the residents. Everyone likes his voice, though he said he sounded scratchy this time. No one noticed, Rod. What I enjoy about his performances is how he tells stories to relate the songs to real life. He encourages group participation also. We do have a few songbirds in Grand Oaks who always sing along. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate and those delicious oatmeal cookies for a snack.

Wednesday was manicures and hand massages in the morning. I was teaching the folks how certain pressure points in the hand can relieve common maladies. Some knew about them; some did not. In the afternoon, we played BINGO! Oh, what a wonderful time! Every single person who played actually had a BINGO! I like it when that happens; serendipitous!

Thursday we exercised with small, activity balls. I had them doing “stunt” throws: left hand throw, right hand bounce, bounce from left to right, throw under the leg. Ha ha, it was silly, but fun. Glenhaven’s Household “D” is ahead by 2 in Breakfast Trivia.

To end our week, we had popcorn and watched True Grit with John Wayne. You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ western, or with John Wayne.

Next week should bring more shenanigans. We are thinking about Valentine’s Day, nominating our Kings and Queens from each neighborhood and of course, secret admirers.

Have a great week, friends. Stay Healthy.

Sandy Wilsnach,
Activity Director

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