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Former Glenwoodite, will have book signing at Glenwood City library December 16



Former Glenwoodite, Pamela (Lee) Edwards will visit the Glenwood City Public Library for a book signing on Thursday, December 16 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Her memoir, My Kaleidoscope Eyes: A Journal Journey with Retinitis Pigmentosa was released by Bronzewood Books of Eden Prairie, Minnesota in October.

Edwards, is a 1975 graduate of Glenwood City High School and the daughter of the late Selvin and Betty Lee. When she received her Retinitis Pigmentosa diagnosis, it sent her world into chaos. As a single mother of three small children, she had to fight. Giving into the blindness was never an option. She needed to find a way, but feared time was not on her side. With the help of those closest to her, she found the resources and confidence to persevere.

Many years after her diagnosis, with a small field of vision remaining, Pamela revisited her personal journals from the years when she struggled to make it through the day. She saw them in a new light. The grief that had overwhelmed her had not kept her from finding joy and purpose in life. The journey brought her full circle in her healing and self-growth. Through every bittersweet hardship, she was transformed. She replaced the days of feeling inadequate with days of creative self-expression. Now, she sees her life for what it is and what it has always been; a kaleidoscope of beauty.

The Glenwood City Public Library is located at 127 Pine Street.

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