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Colfax Health and Rehab News – 8-28-2019

Shirley and Shirley Frosting Cookies! —photo submitted

Shirley and Shirley Frosting Cookies! —photo submitted

News for the week of August 18th to the 24th: 

Monday we started out our week with Wii games in the square.  We have mastered bowling and are attempting our strength at Wii Golf!  Loretta led us in Rosary, we love that she comes to do this with us.  We also had outdoor visits and Slushies in the Gazebo and enjoyed the lovely weather.

Cribbage was the name of the game on Tuesday morning with Al, Gus and Toby leading the group. The residents always look forward to this weekly gathering. Then it was off to Noodles of Fun in the East Lounge.  Tuesday always brings us some fun with Prize Bingo in the Square, where everyone goes home a winner! This week we gave away a lot of bears! Jordan came before supper and we enjoyed songs and praise.

Pastor Shingledecker led us in our Wednesday morning church service and communion. We appreciate him taking the time to come and share with us. We enjoyed his inspiring message, and also singing along to our favorite hymns. Chuck Kirkwood and Friends was our musical talent this afternoon in our square. We sang along with them and enjoyed their company.

Residents gathered in the East Dining Room on Thursday to get their nails done!  Morgan helped Leslie get the ladies nails all painted and trimmed for the week!  Later that day we all gathered in the Square to frost Cookies with Loretta and Leslie.  The ladies frosted 100 cookies and then we all enjoyed some for supper the next night.  Fellowship with Jordan in the Rotunda is always a great way to end our day.

On Friday morning we gathered in the Square for Gospel Sing a Long. This activity has been a weekly tradition for many years here at Colfax Health and Rehab, and the residents enjoyed listening to the talents of Kathy on piano and Bruce on the guitar. Friday afternoon, Dime Bingo was played in the Square. It is always a great way to end the week.

Next week will hold more adventures and fun for the Residents of Colfax Health and Rehabilitation so stay tuned!

If you are interested in seeing what goes on at the Big Yellow House you can go to our web site,, or join our Facebook Page, Colfax Health and Rehabilitation!

Until next week,

Leslie Burcham-McKee,

Life Enrichment Aide

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