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Boyceville HS and MS Science Olympiad both earn second team wins of season

BULLDOGS’ junior Cade Klefstad and sophomore Nathan Corr competed in the Mission Possible event, where competitors have to build a device that performs multiple tasks in a given time. Klefstad explained how it works to the event judges. The duo earned first place at Saturday’s tournament held at Boyceville. —photo by Steve Duerst

The Boyceville High School Science Olympiad competed at the 12th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament this past Saturday, finishing in 7th overall out of 58 teams while the Middle School team finished in 5th overall out of 32 teams.

Boyceville’s varsity team was the champion of Division 2 and earned medals in 20 of 28 total events.   Individual event gold medals were earned by Jasmine Windsor and Noelle Wheeldon in Dynamic Planet, Caitlyn Pelikan and Rachel Becker in Food Science, Cade Klefstad and Nathan Corr in Mission Possible, Jaden Reisimer and Steven Rasmussen in Aerial Scramble, Wright Stuff and Mousetrap Vehicle, and Ana Evenson, Emma Bygd, and Mark Timper in Protein Modeling.

Silver medals were earned by Evenson, Pelikan, and Jasmine Windsor in Experimental Design, Jasmine Windsor and Sarah Kapsner in Forensics, Klefstad and Corr in Geocaching, Connor Sempf and Corr in Mousetrap Vehicle, Brady Helland and Corr in Wright Stuff, Sempf and Grade Edlin in Aerodynamic Challenge, Austin Hatfield and Logan Wuorenma in both Aerial Scramble and Boomilever, and Tanner Anderson and Madison Andrews in GeoLogic Mapping.

Bronze medals were earned by Evenson and Timper in Anatomy & Physiology, Reisimer and Rasmussen in Boomilever, Evenson, Edlin, and Brandon Nunnery in Code Busters, Pelikan and Noelle Wheeldon in GeoLogic Mapping, and Jensine Boesl and Cholponai Batyrbekova in Wright Stuff.

Fourth place medals were earned by Sempf and Helland in Aerial Scramble, Rachel Becker and Timper in Circuit Lab, Evenson and Timper in Disease Detectives, Nunnery and Rachel Becker in Fermi Questions, Rasmussen and Hatfield in Aerodynamic Challenge, and Libby Bygd, Ella Holden, and Ali Ruhnke in Experimental Design.

A fifth place medal was earned by Helland and Pelikan in Astronomy.

Sixth place medals were earned by Helland and Corr in Boomilever, Noelle Wheeldon and Emma Bygd in Sounds of Music, and Libby Bygd, Holden, and Ruhnke in Protein Modeling.

CRIME BUSTERS is a CSI-style event that has the students performing various tests, including chemical testings of unknown powders. Shown in the photo above are Boyceville 9th grader Shiloh Wheeldon and 7th grader Mariah Marvin as they analyzed their test results. The pair earned a silver medal for their work. —photo by Steve Duerst

The Boyceville Middle School Science Olympiad Varsity also won Division 2 at their home invite, finishing behind only state champions from Illinois (Daniel Wright – also the defending national champion team), Wisconsin (Madison Hamilton), and state runner-up Menomonie Middle School.

Tournament champion gold medals were earned by Greg Moore-Kamuti and Luke Becker in both Solar System and Meteorology, Caden Wold and Parker Coombs in Aerial Scramble, Boomilever, and Battery Buggy, Coombs and Logan Windsor in Aerodynamic Challenge, Moore-Kamuti and Logan Windsor in Amazing Mechatronics, Kayden Benson and Shiloh Wheeldon in both Disease Detectives and Potions & Poisons, Elijah Farrell and Zach Kersten in Elastic Launch Gliders, Shiloh Wheeldon, Benson, and Mariah Marvin in Experimental Design, and Kersten and Peter Wheeldon in Road Scholar.

Silver medals were earned by Shiloh Wheeldon and Marvin in Crime Busters, Brady Mast and Treylin Thorson in Battery Buggy, Aerodynamic Challenge, and Elastic Launch Gliders, Farrell and Moore-Kamuti in Density Lab, Luke Becker and Peter Wheeldon in both Dynamic Planet and Fossils, Taheton Downey and Becca Wyss in Mystery Architecture, Farrell and Kersten in Roller Coaster, Gabby Nelson and Sydney Garbe in Thermodynamics, and Wold and Marvin in Water Quality.

Bronze medals were earned by Logan Windsor and Levi Becker in Circuit Lab, Benson and Logan Windsor in Herpetology, and Peter Wheeldon and Coombs in Thermodynamics.

Fourth place medals were earned by Wold and Lauren Becker in Anatomy & Physiology, and Alan Sorensen and Nathan Jensen in Roller Coaster.

Fifth place medals were earned by Naomie Braget and Selene Evenson in Crime Busters and Benson and Shiloh Wheeldon in both Picture This and Write It, Do It.

Sixth place medals were earned by Kersten and Peter Wheeldon in Geocaching, Wyss and Downey in Roller Coaster, and Emily Fetzer and Delaney Olson in Crime Busters.

BOYCEVILLE 7th grader Brady Mast is shown making final adjustments to a projectile in the Aerodynamic Challenge event. Students use a compressed air launcher and are scored for accuracy and distance. Mast earned a silver medal in the challenge. —photo by Steve Duerst

The Boyceville Science Olympiad program would like to thank all of the participating teams and coaches, the custodial staff, the teachers/staff/faculty of the Boyceville Community School District, and all of the other volunteers who made this event possible.


Final High School Team Results – 12th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament


Rank Team Score
1 Mounds View (MN) Carrs 90
2 Menomonie Maroon 92
3 Mounds View (MN) Butlers 113
4 Wayzata (MN) Noble Gases 143
5 Madison West A 184
6 Eden Prairie (MN) Garbage Disposals 206
7 Boyceville Varsity Purple 259
8 Menomonie White 286
9 Woodbury (MN) 298
10 Medford Red 303
11 Belleville Platinum 310
12 Marquette University High School Blue 314
13 Wayzata (MN) Alkali Metals 335
14 Madison West B 376
15 Eastview (MN) Lightning 434
16 Menomonie Gold 436
17 Bloomington Kennedy (MN) A 456
18 Marshfield 461
19 New Richmond Black 463
20 Medford White 495
21 Wausau West Gold 544
22 Sheboygan North 550
23 Marquette University High School Gold 559
24 Belleville Green 568
25 Lakeland Union 577
26 St. Croix Central A 596
27 Irondale (MN) 611
28 Bloomer A 622
29 Elk Mound Black 627
30 Denmark A 628
31 Hudson Navy 635
32 Delano (MN) 641
33 Eden Prairie (MN) Roombas 669
34 Tomah 686
35 Eastview (MN) Thunder 699
36 Baldwin-Woodville 733
37 Apple Valley (MN) Black 734
38 Denmark B 752
39 Osseo-Fairchild 767
40 Hudson White 775
41 Shell Lake Gold 800
42 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser A 838
43 St. Croix Central B 888
44 Boyceville JV-Einstein 937
45 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser B 963
46 Bloomer B 982
47 Elk Mound Orange 1057
48 Bloomington Kennedy (MN) B 1093
49 Apple Valley (MN) Brown 1094
50 Wausau West Blue 1128
51 New Richmond Orange 1170
52 Shell Lake Blue 1175
53 Boyceville JV-Tesla 1248
54 Boyceville JV-Curie 1252
55 Colfax 1266
56 Fall Creek 1336
57 Boyceville JV-Galileo 1348
58 Boyceville JV-Newton 1422


Final Middle School Team Results – 12th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament


Rank Team Score
1 Madison Hamilton A 91
2 Menomonie Maroon 125
3 Daniel Wright (IL) A 128
4 Daniel Wright (IL) B 130
5 Boyceville Varsity Purple 161
6 Madison Eagle A 168
7 Hudson Blue 177
8 Chippewa (MN) Sea Flap Flaps 204
9 Chippewa (MN) Sea Elephants 220
10 Sparta Innovations STEM Academy Newtons 222
11 Madison Hamilton B 232
12 Chippewa (MN) Trash Pandas 274
13 Wachter (ND) Sith 276
14 Madison Eagle B 296
15 Highview (MN) Hawks 307
16 Elk Mound Orange 311
17 Wachter (ND) Jedi 325
18 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 326
19 Medford Red 371
20 Menomonie White 384
21 Medford White 397
22 Hudson White 407
23 Elmwood 418
24 Sparta Innovations STEM Academy Einsteins 419
25 New Richmond Black 423
26 Highview (MN) Raptors 444
27 New Richmond Orange 482
28 Elk Mound Black 492
29 Boyceville JV-Blue 580
30 Colfax 728
31 Boyceville JV-Red 736
32 Boyceville JV-Green 774


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