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Glenwood City fire and ambulance budgets approved

GLENWOOD CITY — The City Council gave it blessings to the new budgets for both the Glenwood City Fire Department and the Ambulance Service. Mayor John Larson explained the budgets to council members Monday night. He indicated that a meeting was held with various municipalities that received service from these departments on Thursday, October 11 and they approved the new budgets.

The ambulance budget calls for expenditures for $183,909 for the 2019 calendar year. That amount is the same that was budgeted for the present year. The biggest expense in the budget is for wages and benefits at $89,700. Mayor Larson also noted that the budget allows for $15,000 to be set aside toward the purchase of a new ambulance in a few years. The service also budgeted $20,664 for debt service, which has three years left to be retired.

A pay increase for being on-call was approved which calls for an increase of five dollars for the 12-hour weekend shift. The pay is now set at $40.00. The weekday on call pay was also raised five dollars to $20.00. Larson also informed the council that the salary for the two directors was raised from $3,500 a year to $4,000 each.

In the budget report the estimated population in the district is 3453 and the per capita charge to the municipalities will remain the same as last year at $18.95. The charge to each government unit is as follows: City of Glenwood City; $30,814. Town of Emerald, $13,249; Town of Forest, $3,870, Town of Glenwood, $19,550, Town of Springfield, $11,611 and the Village of Downing, $6,575. The above figures are the same as was charged for 2018.

The report noted that the ambulance service has a fund balance of $78,632.

Fire Department Budget

The fire department budgeted amount is the same that was planned for the current year at $101,215. But the department purchased a used rescue truck for $30,000 that was not budgeted for. Included in the budget is $22,500 for wages and benefits.

According to the report the equalized property value in the district is $235,270,155. The value of the property is what determines the standby charges that the department levies against each municipality served. The mill rate is .00306. The department is budgeting $72,215 from the standby charges, which is the same amount that was levied for this year.

The following is the standby charges to each unit of government for 2019: City of Glenwood City, $19,614; Town of Emerald, $10,262; Town of Forest, $2,886; Town of Glenwood, $17,588; Town of Springfield, $15,101; Town of Tiffany, $3,675; and the Village of Downing, $3,089.

Larson noted that the pay for firefighters will be increased from $13.00 an hour to $14.00 an hour and the fire chief will get a raise from $2,500 to $3,250 a year. 

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