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Glenwood City Board of Education updated on state assessment

By Amber Hayden

GLENWOOD CITY — The Glenwood City Board of Education was given updates from the 2017-18 state assessment during the October 8 meeting. The WI Forward exam, as it pertains to Glenwood City, shows that grades 3-8 are scoring at about half proficient in Language Arts and Mathematics.

Nicole Brite explained each score for the following: WI Forward Exam, ACT Aspire, ACT Composite and the Dunn-St. Croix conference as it pertains to the testing.

The score for the Language Arts portion of the testing went up .5 percent from the 2016-17 year, the current score for the year is 48.3 proficient. There was a slight decline in the Mathematics scoring with a dip of .3 percent from the previous year with a score of 50.7.

“The goal is to be proficient or advanced,” explained Brite, “and ask ourselves what can we do or what can we change to help the kids.”

The ACT Aspire testing allows the administrative staff along with teachers know how the progress of the freshmen and sophomore classes in the three major parts of the ACT testing.

Mathematics, Reading, and English each have a score that is a standard for student scores.

“We are seen as a score board in all the testing,” stated MS/HS principal Patrick Gretzlock, “we have to figure out how to move the kids up and into proficient and advance.”

Students in grades 9-10 had a score of 74 percent proficient in English, 44.2 percent proficient in Reading and 50.9 percent proficient in Mathematics.

Brite has discussed the scoring with English teacher David Popko and he expressed no real concern with the scoring in Reading and Mathematics as they are the harder parts of the exam. Popko will also be at the October 22 meeting to go further into detail each score and how to help the students improve.

The ACT exam is a requirement for juniors to take during the Spring semester. The 2017-18 composite score was a 21 placing Glenwood City above the state average of 19.8.

The composite score is taken from raw scoring in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science and based on the amount of questions the student got right and put in a range of 1-36. These scores are then sent out to the colleges of a student’s choosing.

All of the data that Brite used can be found on WISEdash which is a public site for the Wisconsin Information System for Education.

Patrick Gretzlock gave a quick update on the Early College Credit/Start College Now programs letting the board know how each student is either approved or denied entry into the programs.

The Early College Credit is affiliated with all UW schools, but they no longer will allow students to take online courses. Start College Now is affiliated with the tech schools in the state.

The programs are based off of a GPA (grade point average) standard of 3.0 as well as if there are any disciplinary actions in the students school record. The district also looks at the student’s current schedule and if they can handle the extra work load.

Three students applied in the Spring for the Fall semester Early College Credit program with only one being accepted and two students being denied based on GPA.

“I believe as the program becomes more fine tuned more students will apply for the programs,” Gretzlock said.

According to Superintendent Tim Johnson the budget is all but finalized with just the certification of aid still missing.

The past two Fridays each of the schools have conducted student counts with both counts coming to about 706 students with the last three years averaging around 712.

The Glenwood City School District also received a second round of safety funding in the amount of $38,000 which allows the finishing of door locks that can only be opened with a key fob in the high school.

The next meeting for the Board of Education will be on October 22 with a committee meeting at 5:30 p.m. and a board meeting at 6:30 p.m.

During the consent agenda the Board of Education:

• Approved Nathan Hoffman as the boys’ basketball volunteer coach.

• Approved a volunteer coach for Destination Imagination.

• Approved Fund 60 Account 60-L-000-000-814723 (Class of 2023).

• Approved a donation from the Glenwood City Knights of Columbus for the Special Education Department.

• Approved a varsity volleyball practice for Sunday October 14.

• Approved Rachel Mannon as a support staff substitute.

• Approved Ericka Harrison as a support staff substitute. 

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