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GC School Board hears updates from administration

By Amber Hayden

GLENWOOD CITY — The Glenwood City Board of Education met on September 24 to discuss the updates from school administration.

Nicole Brite explained that since the beginning of the year the goals to have about six students in Tiny Toppers was met. Monday through Thursday the staff are working with six to eight kids and Friday the staff have 14 kids in the program. Brite also stated they have parents calling in and asking about the program for their kids for the following year as well.

Hilltopper Hangtime has also had an influx of students with the projected numbers being five to ten during the mornings, but the staff members are seeing any where from 15 to 20 kids for the program. The afternoon portion of Hangtime roughly sees 15 to 30 kids per day.

Family Innovations is now ready to start their partnership with the Glenwood City school district and an email was sent to parents about the program being offered.

“I had about two or three parents already call and are excited about the service that’s being offered to them,” stated Brite.

Staff members have also been watching modules provided by DPI and discussing how they and the school can become trauma sensitive with students.

According to elementary principal Betsy Haltinner several of the elementary teachers applied for several grants, one for the 5th grade cardboard stem project, 2nd grade social studies project and one for Tiny Toppers and Hilltopper Hangtime.

The GCE PTC will be holding a clothing project called “Quick and Dirty” for the district and selling t-shirts for $6 in hopes that every student will own one.

Also the PTC has been reaching out to new families in the district and welcoming them, as well as asking if they would like to join PTC.

“I just think it’s a nice way of welcoming them to the community and the district,” commented Haltinner.

Since the last board meeting, Haltinner explained the learning work sessions were a half of the way completed with 17 staff members that have already attended the half day workshop on Wednesdays. The remaining 23 staff members look to complete the workshops September 26.

“It’s building a habit, not just for right now but for the future,” Haltinner stated.

Middle/High school Patrick Gretzlock attended the WIAA conference September 18 and gave the board an explanation of what happened during the conference.

“It’s a time for the local school districts to share their concerns on how to enhance how things are done,” Gretzlock explained.

His concern that he expressed during the conference is it is hard for the WIAA to understand Glenwood City is a rural district and that they need to help kids advance to the next level, as well as asking WIAA why they couldn’t provide them some relief.

Gretzlock went into further detail on the conference realignment that affects the Dunn-St. Croix conference and explained that the WIAA’s way of thinking is to match schools up with the same student population.

“Colfax would now be the largest school in the conference with about 260 students, that count was from last year,” said Gretzlock.

With the new sportsmanship award program that WIAA has started Gretzlock is looking forward to finding new ways to highlight this with the community.

“It isn’t just about the parents in the stands, it’s about showing coaches, athletes and student spectators what sportsmanship looks like,” Gretzlock stated.

A spectator bus will be available September 27 to take anyone wishing to attend the match up between the Hilltoppers versus Mounders volleyball game.

Superintendent Tim Johnson spoke on the safety audit that was conducted, it was a third party audit that provided updates on the school’s safety plan. The members of the audit team were impressed with the flow for buses and how it does not interfere with students.

Johnson also updated the board on the tax levy and explained the student count had been finished September 21 and that reports were being worked on with a goal to have them ready by September 28.

Because of the equalized value and state aid projections being higher than what Johnson had first presented to the board, the mill rate will be lower than its initial projection.

The Glenwood City Board of Education will meet again October 8 with the committee meeting starting at 5:30 p.m. and the board meeting will start at 6:30 p.m.

During the consent agenda the Glenwood City School Board:

• Approved a 8th grade field trip.

• Approved the volunteer coaches – Destination Imagination.

• Approved Rob Logghe as a volunteer football coach.

• Approved the creation of a new Fund 60 account ‘Youth Apprenticeship Grant.’

• Approved Ronald Cormican as a sub bus driver. 

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