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Glenhaven News – 9-19-2018

Glenhaven News –Sept. 8-14

What a wild week it was. Rustic Lore weekend we had lots of visitors at our Open House which was sponsored by the Auxiliary. Many of our friends and family members dropped in to have refreshments, and a few new visitors wanted to look around. It was a fun time! Carol & Bruce Kelm got most of our supplies, and Linda Zevenberger and Ben Bartz and Carol helped serve drinks.

Sunday morning we were up and preparing for the parade. Jess Swanepoel was kind enough to be our transportation for the day with his horses and wagon. Judy Peterson, our Valentine queen, totally enjoyed the whole experience. We remembered Claude Williams at the parade, who was our Valentine king this year, but passed away on August 20th. He LOVED horses, and we know he would have been thrilled to be with us that day. The parade route was packed with people, and the weather was perfect. Many of our residents came out on the lawn to watch the parade, and several went downtown with their family members to watch. The Queens and their courts came over to visit the residents after the Queen’s Tea at Holy Cross. All in all, it was a wonderful day for the residents and we appreciate everyone who made it so, and who continue every year to make it a fun time for everyone in our community. We know it’s a lot of work. We at Glenhaven want to offer our congratulations to Bethany Ullom on being chosen this year’s queen. She spent a lot of time here at Glenhaven doing manicures for the residents, and also getting in on some baking for us.

Our baking club tried a new recipe this week. It was zucchini-pineapple bread. It tasted good, but was a little crumbly. I think next time we won’t use a recipe off the internet. Sometimes they’re OK, other times not. Juanita says she has a good one we can get from her.

Holy Cross had a busy week here, as they were here for church on Tuesday morning, as well as Bingo on Wednesday. Peggy and Becky were also around doing visits with the residents. Thanks to Bill, Linda, Peg, Betsy and Doris for helping with Bingo.

Doris Herdahl was our winner at cards on Tuesday afternoon. It was a close game, however, with only 13 points separating the winner and loser. Not as close as the Packers, right? What a nail biter that was!

C.T. and the Heuts played to a large crowd of residents, tenants, visitors, and their “Groupies”, as I call them, on Tuesday evening. They do a great job, and are always a hit with the residents. Rueben and Janet Dettman were downstairs listening, and we found out that Rueben used to play with the group.

Father John was here Friday to celebrate mass with our residents and tenants. In the afternoon we enjoyed a game of Mexican Train. Erleen Schmidt tried playing for the first time and was our big winner. Beginner’s Luck, as they say.

Visitors this week were: Teresa Miller was visited by Tom & Mary Miller and Runt Miller;  Mary and Ernie Kiekhoefer were visited by Peggy and Jessica Raymond, Kay Christianson, and Sara Schaeffer; Loraine Blodgett was visited by Sisters Joy and Confianza; Delaney Mattison was visited by Nancy Filipa; Orville Wittmer was visited by Gwen & Rob; Doris Herdahl was visited by Willi & Ruth Neumann and Doug & Linda Herdahl; Anabel Bazille was visited by Pat Schumacher and Mary Mikla; Julie Bronkhorst was visited by Cheryl Brathal; Lloyd Holten was visited by Vicky & Mark; Helen Best and Juanita James were visited by Pastor Jan Beutin.

Upcoming Highlights: 17-Threads of God’s Love knitting group; 18-Forest Immanual Lutheran Church; 22-Jim Ehlers Music; 23-Grace Baptist Church; 25-Boyceville Methodist Church and Jane and Friends; 26-St. John’s Bingo. 

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