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Glenhaven-Havenwood Happenings – 9-12-2018

Glenhaven News –Sept. 1-7

After the long Labor Day weekend, things got back to normal on Tuesday with Pastor Brad from Trinity Lutheran Church here for services in the morning, followed by Live to be Healthy.

The Little Acorns came up and did balloon volley in the lobby with residents on Wednesday morning, as it was too wet outside after the rain. But we’re not complaining, as we needed the rain. The kids and residents had a great time batting balloons back and forth. This was followed by our monthly Resident Council meeting, which was well attended. We discussed any issues resident were having and went over the September calendar. We started some fall decorations during arts and crafts in the afternoon. We appreciate Dennis cutting the wood for us.

Bingo was on Thursday this week instead of Wednesday, as it was hosted by the Forest Methodist Church. We had a great bunch of helpers, thanks to Pastor John and crew.

Deacon Wes was here for Catholic communion on Friday morning, and the residents enjoyed their Friday popcorn fix. The afternoon was spent outside enjoying the sunshine, which was good to see once more. Everyone just seems a little happier when the sun is out. Ice cream treats were served. We’ve decided we better enjoy these nice days while we still have them!

All our volunteers this last week were appreciated!

Visitors this week were: Teresa Miller was visited by Tom & Mary Miller and Runt Miller; Mary and Ernie Kiekhoefer were visited by Peggy Raymond, Kay Christianson, and Connie Kiekhoefer; Loraine Blodgett was visited by Earl & Marguerite Blodgett; Gladys Best was visited by Jean & Dave Jackelen and Pat & Vern Gust; Delaney Mattison was visited by Alan & Nancy Filipa; Orville Wittmer was visited by Gwen & Rob, Casey & Tracy Jones, Dillon, Hope, Katrina, Kayla & Mitch; and Doris Herdahl was visited by Ruth Neumann, JoAnne Schroeder, Margie Wiseman and Doug & Linda Herdahl.

Upcoming Highlights: Sept. 11-Holy Cross Church and T,C & the Heuts; 12-Holy Cross Bingo; 14-Catholic Mass; 15-Steve Szydel Music; 16-Bingo with Forest Immanual Lutheran; 17-Threads of God’s Love knitting group; 18-Forest Immanual Lutheran Church; 22-Jim Ehlers Music; 23-Grace Baptist Church; 25-Boyceville Methodist Church and Jane and Friends; 26-St. John’s Bingo. 

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