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Glenhaven-Havenwood Happenings – 9-4-2018

Glenhaven News –Aug. 25-31

Our weekend started out with Wes (Squeezie) Miller, who plays the accordion. Residents really enjoyed the music.

Catholic Communion and services with Grace Baptist Church were on Sunday.

Our baking club was busy on Monday making desserts for the monthly birthday party on Tuesday. The residents suggested something lemon, so we made a lemon cake and lemon cheesecake. Both turned out really good, thanks to some good recipes given to us by Ruth Simonson.

Pastor Shannon was here for church services on Tuesday morning. She also brought along some singers, and they were wonderful. Church was followed by Live to be Healthy, and Jane and Friends finished out our day in the afternoon. Chuck Dettmann was here this month helping the ladies out. They were great, as always. We appreciate you all. We celebrated five brithdays at the party-Helen Krizan, Pat Poci, Bill Hoffman, Delaney Mattison, and Don Austin.

St. John’s hosted Bingo on Wednesday, with the help of Sarah and LaVerne.

Live to be Healthy was back on Thursday, and residents enjoyed popcorn time and outside time on Friday.

Visitors this week were: Teresa Miller was visited by Tom & Mary Miller and Marlene Kerr; Mary and Ernie Kiekhoefer were visited by Peggy Raymond; Loraine Blodgett was visited by Sisters Alegria & Confianza del Senor and Shelby Bauer; Annabel Bazille was visited by Pat Schumacher; Bev Thompson was visited by Shelby Bauer; Gladys Best was visited by Marlene Kerr; Carolyn Tuttle was visited by Marlene Kerr; Ruth Huber was visited by Sali Mounce; Delaney Mattison was visited by Brian & Trudy Mattison and Nancy Filipa; Orville Wittmer was visited by Gwen & Rob; and Lloyd Holten was visited by Pam, Vicky, Mark and Deveyon.

Upcoming Highlights: Sept. 6-Forest Methodist Bingo; 8-Open House, Rudy Rudesill Music; 9-Rustic Lore Parade and Menonite Singers; 11-Holy Cross Church and T,C & the Heuts; 12-Holy Cross Bingo; 14-Catholic Mass; 15-Steve Szydel Music. 

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