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Glenhaven News – 8-15-2018

Glenhaven News – Aug. 4-10

Rich Schroeder started off our weekend with music on Saturday.

Our baking club worked hard shucking peas and peeling beets for beet pickles on Monday afternoon. We decided the peas were a tough job. They didn’t want to open very good. We ended up with three quarts of beet pickles, and enough peas to give the shuckers a few for lunch.

Waffle breakfast was served on Tuesday morning by the activity department. Residents wore off their waffles at Live to be Healthy later in the morning.

Beauty shop was on Wednesday, and the Little Acorns were up to visit and play games. In the afternoon, Holy Cross hosted Bingo. The help of Bill, Sue, Louise and Linda is appreciated.

Live to be Healthy was here again on Thursday, and in the afternoon the residents put on their thinking caps, as we played some summer trivia, did some spelling of different potato dishes and mustards, and tried to figure out some riddles. They had some tough words to spell, but they always do a great job.

Friday was Catholic Mass with Father John, as well as some visitors. It was also popcorn day, and in the afternoon the residents played dominoes and enjoyed some ice cream for a snack.

Visitors this week were: Doris Herdahl was visited by Ruth Neumann, JoAnne Schroeder, and Doug & Linda Herdahl; Teresa Miller was visited by Tom & Mary Miller, Bob Miller and Runt Miller; Orville Wittmer was visited by Gwen and Rob; Ardys Mounce was visited by Susan and Mike; Delaney Mattison was visited by Brian & Trudy Mattison; Gladys was visited by Bud Jancoski, and Becky Sempf was visited by Bud Jancoski.

Upcoming Highlights: 11-Rudy Rudesill Music; 12-Christ the King Church and the Menonite Singers; 14-Trinity Lutheran Church and CT & the Heuts; 15-Star Prairie Fishing Trip; 21 Forest Immanual Lutheran; 24-Outing to Family Dollar; 25-Wes Miller Music. 

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