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Glenhaven News – 8-8-2018

Glenhaven News –July 28-Aug. 3

Our week started off with Catholic Communion on Sunday morning.

Bethany Ullom was here on Monday to beautify the residents’ nails. She’s been doing a great job!

The baking ladies were busy again making treats for our monthly birthday party. We made pineapple upside-down cake, which we topped with lots of whipped cream for our birthday treat.

Jane and Friends were a hit on Tuesday afternoon. Jane’s brother Chuck joined the girls again this month. Thank you all for the great music. This month was some 50’s and 60’s music, which was a big hit with this writer! They also sang Happy Birthday to 6 residents/tenants. Bev Johnson, Betty Steies, Bev Thompson, Joanne Krier, Teresa Miller and Lloyd Holten all celebrated birthdays in July. There were also several of our singers who had birthdays in July. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL!

Live to be Healthy was here on Tuesday morning to get all our residents and tenants limbered up for the week.

Wednesday morning the Little Acorns were upstairs to play balloon volley with the residents. Everyone had a great time, so we’ll have to try that again soon.

Bobbie Berends and Ava Shambow came and volunteered on Wednesday afternoon to help the activity department with Bingo. We appreciate them.

The older children from Little Acorns came up on Thursday morning to play some games with the residents.

Popcorn day was Friday, and Deacon Wes was here for Communion services.

Visitors this week were: Doris Herdahl was visited by Ruth Neumann, Margie Wiseman, Gary & Julie Herdahl, JoAnne Schroeder and Zach Albert; Teresa Miller was visited by Tom & Mary Miller and Bob Miller; Virginia Engebretson was visited by Monty & Judy Bygd; Claude Williams was visited by Dave Davenport; Orville Wittmer was visited by Gwen Wittmer; Ardys Mounce was visited by Tim Mounce, Susan and Sierra Nelson, and Ila Gillis; Delaney Mattison was visited by Nancy Filipa; Mary and Ernie Kiekhoefer were visited by Kay Christianson, Peggy Raymond, and Lorraine Schouten; Lloyd Holten was visited by Pam, Mark, Ashley, Deshartee, Deveyon, Vicky, Tanya, Tony, Brandon, Tori and Evee; and Olga Waters was visited by Linda Marlett, Elsie Newville and Owen Wagner.

Upcoming Highlights: 7-Wafffe Breakfast; 8-Holy Cross Bingo; 10-Catholic Mass; 11-Rudy Rudesill Music; 12-Christ the King Church and the Menonite Singers; 14-Holy Cross church and CT & the Heuts; 15-Star Prairie Fishing Trip. 

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