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Glenhaven News – 8-1-2018

Glenhaven News –July 21-27

Steve Szydel was here to entertain on Saturday afternoon.

Catholic communion was held on Sunday morning, and Grace Baptist Church held church services on Sunday afternoon.

Manicures with Bethany Ullom were Monday morning, and Pastor Jonathan was here to do a communion service in the afternoon. Fishing was cancelled due to mechanical problems.

Pastor Shannon and Irene Schmidt were here for church on Tuesday morning, which was followed by Live to be Healthy with Steve. In the afternoon we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather, reminisced, and had ice cream treats.

The Little Acorns kids visited with the residents inside today because it looked like rain. They drew and colored pictures with the residents. St. John’s hosted Bingo in the afternoon. Thank you Carol and June.

Exercises were the morning activity on Thursday, and residents enjoyed brownies and coffee in the afternoon, as well as playing some trivia about garden vegetables and fruits while they were enjoying their treats.

Friday morning several of our baking club members got together and helped cut up cucumbers from our garden, which we made into pickles. They should be ready to eat in a couple of weeks. For a small garden, we have had an abundant crop of cucumbers. The Brunkhorst family gathered in the afternoon to celebrate Brent’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Brent!

Visitors this week were: Doris Herdahl was visited by Ruth Neumann, Bill & Margie Wiseman, Ruth Schutz, Delores Brezina and Amanda Gagnet; Teresa Miller was visited by Tom & Mary Miller and Runt Miller; Loraine Blodgett was visited by Ruth Schutz and Delores Brezina; Virginia Engebretson was visited by Alice Tuttle, Judy Bygd, Ruth Schutz and Delores Brezina; Claude Williams was visited by Claudia Williams; Jack and Maxine Timm were visited by the Travis Logghe family; and Orville Wittmer was visited by Gwen Wittmer.

Upcoming Highlights: 31-Jane and Friends Monthly Birthday Party; Aug. 3-Communion with Wes; 4-Rich Schroeder Music; 7th-Wafffe Breakfast and Trinity Lutheran church; 8-Holy Cross Bingo; 10-Catholic Mass; 11-Rudy Rudesill Music; 12-Christ the King Church and the Menonite Singers; 14-Holy Cross church and CT & the Heuts; 15-Star Prairie Fishing Trip. 

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