City’s Collector is not working, Council buys fire department a rescue vehicle

New GC Fire Rescue Vehicle

THE GLENWOOD CITY Council approved the purchase of a rescue vehicle from United Fire Department.

The City Council took action on several matters at their regular monthly meeting of July 16th. They heard that the device called a collector, which reads water meters was not working. They approved purchasing a used rescue vehicle for the fire department, accepted bids on two city-owned pieces of property and made the final payment on the new city well.

At the start of their meeting Mayor John Larson informed other members of the council about the collector not working. The collector is an electronic device that is located on the City’s water tower and receives signals from water meters in the community, and tallies up the water use at those meters. But Larson said, “The office had to send out estimated water bills at the end of June because the collector is not collecting.”

Public Works Director David Caress informed the council on what repair has been attempted and noted after a repair part was installed, worked for about a half an hour and stopped. Caress was disappointed in the service that the city has received from the company from where the new meters were purchased. “Badger service has been horrible,” Caress stated.

The Mayor indicated that, “If they (Badger) don’t have the people to service it, then they will have to outsource the repair, and we will argue about the bill later.”

Caress also informed the council about upcoming service to the water tower, which has been planned for yet this summer. What is scheduled is to clean out some sand that is at the bottom and seal some of the panels. Caress said the tower will be out of service for one to two weeks. A couple of months ago he explained that pressure in the water mains would be maintained by the use of relief valves placed on a couple of fire hydrants.

Rescue Vehicle

Fire Chief Greg Holden appeared before the council about the replacement of a 1989 vehicle that the fire department uses as a rescue vehicle. It is an old ambulance that the fire department got from the local ambulance service. Holden noted that it has been the subject of repairs. He told members of the council that United Fire at the Woodville Station has a rescue vehicle for sale. United Fire has two such vehicles and are selling one of them because it is not needed.

The unit they have for sale is a 1996 Ford Custom built and is much larger than the present unit. It has the room to store the department’s rescue equipment, much of which is stored on one of the department’s pumper trucks. Holden noted that more fire fighting equipment will be placed on the pumper and rescue equipment will be moved into the larger unit. After some discussion the council voted to purchase the unit for the $30,000 asking price.

Sell Old City Hall

The Council had asked for bids on the old city hall located at the corner of Pine and Second Street. The council received only one bid for the property and that was from Doug Doornink with a bid of $10,000. According to information that he furnished to the city, he plans on converting the old church building into an single family home. The Council accepted the bid.

The city also sought to sell a garage on a lot at the corner of Maple and First Street which was used to store one of the city’s police vehicles. The council received two bids on that property and they accepted the bid of $1,500 from Ben Schultz. The other bid was from Alfred Schrank at $907.

Make Final Payment

Kevin Oium of Cedar Corporation addressed the council about the new well project with a pay request. Oium noted that this was the final pay request for the project and was in the amount of $57,005.48. He informed the meeting that the total project cost was $814,065.47, which was somewhat lower than the estimate.

Oium also noted that well number two has been abandoned. This well is near the Community Center and a council member questioned if the city could now sell that property. It was noted that water mains are located near that building, but those mains have been disconnected from the old well house.

In other business the council approved a $2,000 donation to the annual Rustic Lore event, approved a temporary Class B picnic license to the Rustic Lore Committee, and approved operator’s license for Jacquelynn V. Gabbard and Lisa M. Brigham. 

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