Austin Sandow chosen as City Council member



It took the City Council three rounds of voting to chose a new Council member to serve out the unexpired term of Nancy Hover. Hover, who moved out of the country, resigned her seat on the Council and the five remaining members accepted her resignation.

But to choose her replacement required the council to take three votes over the five people that had expressed an interest in serving on the City’s governing body.

The City had a list of people that were interested from a couple of months ago when they had another opening to fill. Those people on the list were: Bill Mitch, Mike Barstad, Austin Sandow, Jess Olson, and Bill Koosmann who recently expressed his interest.

Mayor John Larson addressed the matter giving each council member a ballot, to vote his choice to fill the open seat. Larson noted that they were required to sign the ballot as there can be no secret votes.

The first round of voting, four of the five candidates received a vote with Bill Mitch getting two votes. In the second vote, Mitch and Sandow each got two votes while Bill Koosmann received one vote. Then the council voted on just the two high vote getters with Sandow receiving three votes and Mitch two. Sandow, age 27, was confirmed as the new member of the City Council and will serve in that seat until next April. 

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