Council hears about upcoming street work

GLENWOOD CITY — The City council approved street work on Fourth Street and the upcoming seal coating of several other city streets. They also heard an update on the new well and planned work on well number three.

Kevin Oium of Cedar Corporation presented bid results of work to be done on Fourth Street between Elm and Walnut Streets. Oium reported that the one block street has no public utilities under it and the work will be removing the current surface and replacing it and installing new curb and gutter.

Oium recommended to the council that they accept the low bid from Albrightson Excavating of Woodville of $57,973.90. A total of five bids were received for the project with other prices ranging from $63,340.50 to $85,242.50.

In other street work, Public Works Director, Dave Caress reported on the planned seal coating of Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth streets and 320 Street from Sixth Street to the city line. Caress noted that the work would consume the $30,000 the city had budgeted for seal coating.

Caress also reported that the new well (well number four) is up and running and cycling with well number three to provide the city with the needed water requirements.

Oium also presented the Council with bids for the inspection of well number three with Caress noting that it has been over ten years since that well has been inspected and the state requires an inspection every ten years. The low bid for the inspection was from Mineral Services out of Green Isle, Minnesota at a cost of $17,205.00. Included in that price was a figure of $10,575.00 to replace the eight-inch column pipe in the well. But Oium noted that it probably would not be needed if the inspection found it to be in good shape.

In another matter, Caress reported about a water leak at a home on Pine Street and about the city policy that the homeowner stands the cost or repair if the leak is inside of the “Curb Stop”. The curb stop is a valve that controls the water from the city water main to a home. The policy is that if the leak is from the main to the curb stop the city stands the cost of repair. But if the leak is between the curb stop and home the homeowner stands the cost. Caress noted that the leak was in a connection to the curb stop on the homeowner’s side of the curb stop. The question is the connection part of the curb stop or not? Council member Steve Lee noted that the same thing happened to him and he paid for the repair. After some discussion the council took no action on the matter and followed the policy.

During his report to the Council, Police Chief  Robert Darwin reported on the Bike Safety program that was recently held and he noted that they were able to raise funds to hold the program and that they give away 32 bike helmets and four new bikes. He thanked local businesses for their support.

Darwin also told of the planned National Night Out scheduled for Tuesday, August 7 at 5:30 at Hinman Park. His handout stated that “This is a nationwide event designed to build strong community partnerships that promote safe neighborhoods. Come and meet your local police officers, firefighters and EMTs who are working to make Glenwood City a safe place to live.

In the Library report it was noted that the local library would be starting a home delivery program in July. They will start by connecting with Glenhaven and serving residents there and hope to eventually reach others who are unable to make it into the library.

The council approved an amended ordinance regulating All-terrain vehicles. The new rule will go into effect after new signs are installed on city streets. The new rule will allow ATVs on city, county and state highways within the city that have a speed limit of 35 MPH or less to be used by ATV.

One of the requirements of the new regulations require all ATV operators have liability insurance and limit the speed of those vehicles to 10 MPH if they are within 150 feet of a dwelling.

The following were approved for operator’s licenses for the period ending June 30, 2019:

Wendy Gravermoen, Dana J. DeSmith, Loretta S. Jordheim, Mathew L. Leach, Lori K. Newton, Alice L. Gedatus, Cherri L. Peterson, Jill L. Darwin, McKenzie S. Kuehl, Lisa D. Logghe, Robert A. Logghe, Tara L. Mitch, William J. Ross Jr., Katie M. Swenby, Amanda M. Caldwell-Nielsen, Michael A. Voeltz.

Deborah A. Hoitomt, Nancy L. Thompson, Winter G. McIntyre, Elizabeth R. Wood, Rita M. Mara, Morgan E. Gedatus, Lisa R. Moede, Brittani N. Rott, Tia G. Schleusner, Molli Viertel, Jennifer M. Kuehl, Ellen M. Koosmann, Kristen L. Curvello, Sheryl J. Buechter, Lisa Marie A. Lovgren, Vicky J. DeLong.

Jennifer L. Klinger, Pamela J. Gates, Andrew D. Simon, Corrine M. Johnson, Shirley M. Drinkman, Kirstin M. Quaderer, Heidi M. Hanson, Jamie M. Knotz, Gary H. Kowalczik, Kirsten A. Fisher-Paananen, Sam Toulson, Noah G. Threlkeld, Dean A. Lemay, Carole A. Schurtz, Krista Maki-Zurn, Allison N. Curvello, Terri J. Ross, Severyn K. Schug, Peggy L. Obermueller, Nicole A. Johnson, Nicholas E. Mrdutt, and Alyssa A. Harrington.

Also approved were license for beer and liquor to Philip L. Standaert, Jeffery Allen Kuehl, Al’s Boondocks LLC, M & M Bar, Ormson’s, Countryside Co-op and the Family Dollar Stores of Wisconsin LLC, cigarette only. 

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