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Council asked to open all City streets to ATV use

City’s New Well Up and Running 

GLENWOOD CITY – The City Council heard a request from the Glenwood Forest Barnstomers ATV club to open all city streets to allow ATVs to use the streets to travel.

Jeff Tuttle, who is president of the local club addressed the council and explained the new state law that authorizes local governments to pass ordinances that allow ATVs/UTVs to operate on any highway within their jurisdiction if the posted motor vehicle speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.

The council discussed the matter for some time and council member Ken Peterson was concerned about AVTs carrying liability insurance. “I’m not comfortable without insurance,” Peterson stated.  However, member Nancy Hover had a different thought and indicated that maybe it is not the city’s concern that the user has insurance.

Mayor John Larson questioned city attorney Autumn Lindquist if the city needed to draft a new ordinance to allow the street use by ATVs. She indicated that she could write an ordinance and the mayor noted that they would address the matter at the council’s June meeting.

New Well

Part of the May 21st meeting of the council was to comply with CDBG grant requirements to hold a citizens participation hearing for the city’s water utility well number four. Lynn McIntyre of Cedar Corporation addressed the council about the Community Development Block Grant that the city received to help fund the million dollar project. She reminded the council that the city had received $496,500 from the CDBG and told the council that the project was about 80 percent completed.

The new facility is located along Third Street next to the city water tower and McIntyre reported that the pump was “started two weeks ago and is up and running.”

McIntyre informed the council that the old well, number 2, near the Community Center will still have to be abandoned and well number 3 at Hinman Park will need to be pulled and inspected and that the water tower will need to be inspected. She indicated that this must all be done by the end of October of this year.

Kevin Oium of Cedar addressed the water tower and noted that some seams are leaking and that the tower will need to be drained and inspected and repaired.

McIntyre reported that they would be applying for another CDBG grant to address the needs of the Wastewater treatment facility. “We should hear by  the end of July about if we are successful in getting the grant,” she noted.

In other council action they took no action on a request to reduce the rent price of the Community Center to use it every Thursday evening from September through May of next year. The city rents the Center to private parties for $100 a day. The request was to lower the price to $25.00. Council members found out that the city spends $25.00 per day for electric at the center and noted that it would not be fair to reduce the rent for one party and not another.

The council also:

• Approved a pay request for work on the new well from Springlake Contracting in the amount of $70,441.55.

• Approved a picnic license to the St. Croix County Fair, Inc. for the Rodeo in June and the fair in July.

• Approved an operator’s license to Amanda M. Caldwell-Nielsen and Severyn K.  Skoug.

• Heard from Police Chief Robert Darwin that the department’s annual Bike Safety Program is set Thursday, May 31 at the school. 

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