Glenwood City girls’ basketball has some fun at Glenhaven

By Cara L. Dempski

GLENWOOD CITY — The Glenwood City girls’ basketball squad took some time out of its busy holiday break to have some fun with the people at Glenhaven.

Coaches Dean Fayerweather and Pete Gaustad took members of the varsity and junior varsity teams to the facility December 28 to host and play bingo for prizes. It was a unique experience for both the coaches and the players.

“We wanted to give them (the team) a chance to see what it looks like, what happens, and what people can still do when they get older,” Gaustad said. “It also gives them a chance to give back to the community.”

There were 17 players who spent two hours calling numbers, playing bingo, providing snacks, and interacting with residents at Glenhaven. 

“I like it,” sophomore Jatelyn Johnson said. “It’s a break from school, and we get to hang out with people we don’t usually hang out with.”

One Glenhaven resident said she enjoyed seeing the players and having time to laugh and joke with them.

“She’s cheating,” the woman, who declined to be identified, winked and said of Hilltopper senior Becca Moll.

Fayerweather said he was proud of how the players were interacting with the people at Glenhaven, and hoped the team learned something from its time there.