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Hanestad shines over Fankhauser in July 31 speedway races

by Brad Erickson

MENOMONIE — The Red Cedar Speedway was in action on Friday, July 31 2015, as AirTek Sports presented the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Modifieds, along with the Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks and Value Implement Hornets.  Feature winners included Kevin Eder, Jason Forehand, Shane Halopka, Ron Hanestad, Jason Havel, and Jeremy Johnson.  There were no Late Models on the card.

The Tim’s Automotive Modified heats were won by Matt Leer and Mike Anderson as Steve Hallquist and Kevin Eder held the front row feature.  Eder immediately moved to the lead in the high groove and drove the entire distance cover to cover without a caution to his second feature win of the season in Menomonie.  Kevin Adams raced to second and tried to catch the leader, and although he closed the gap, never mounted a serious challenge.  Mike Anderson ran in third until the later going when Ashley Anderson took the position and Matt Leer finished fifth.

Two Johnson Motors Super Stocks heats were won by Mike Anderson and Gunnar Watkins as Steve Thomas and Rick Hallquist paced the feature field.  Hallquist led lap one, but fourth starting Jason Forehand took the point a lap later.  Mike Anderson moved from his eighth starting position to overtake third on lap four but a hard Tony Falkner crash in the turn four wall reset the field and gave Thomas back third position.  On the restart, Forehand again drove to the lead as Thomas and Hallquist circled the raceway side by side.  Behind them, Anderson used every inch of the raceway grounds other than the parking lot to try a way past the duo.  As Forehand began to check out on the field, Anderson went ultra-low in turns one and two making it three wide.  He made contact with Hallquist and both spun.  Anderson was called with the foul and retired for the event.  Hallquist regained his position on the green, white checkered restart.  It was Forehand easily over Hallquist and Thomas as Gunnar Watkins finished fourth and Bart Steffen fifth.

The Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modified heat winners were Shane Halopka and Nick Koehler as Halopka ran from eighth on the grid to take the lead early and dominate the event until the later stages when a caution gave Mike Truscott an opportunity to try to steal the show.  Josh Hessler and Brent Voeltz sat on the front row but second row starter Travis Anderson drove to the early lead and looked strong, leading the first six circuits.  Jake Smith had raced to second, but Halopka took the position and then closed on Anderson, sweeping past quickly.  Halopka began to stretch his lead over Anderson, Truscott, and Smith, as Nick Koehler joined the battle for the top five.  With the race nearing the finish, Jake Hanson spun in turn four, bringing out the first of three late race cautions.  On the restart, Truscott raced below Halopka and appeared poised to drive to the win; however, Dave Shackleton found the turn two wall resetting the field.  Again, Truscott blasted the low line and showed his strength as he had Halopka on the ropes but one too many yellows few for Truscott as the third caution flew for Jake Hanson who had to be towed from the racing surface.  The green, white, checkered restart saw Halopka regain his dominance and drive to his fourth consecutive checkered flag as he had won all three nights last weekend.  Truscott was scored second ahead of Anderson, Smith, and Koehler.

Ron Hanestad said earlier and again in victory lane that he was happy his car made it onto the trailer to get to the track.  He had been fighting mechanical issues for the season and he believed he had found the problem during the week leading up to winning both the Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stock heat and feature.  It should be noted though, it didn’t come easy as he and Sam Fankhauser put on a show worth the price of admission.  The two sat on the front row and immediately raced side by side until Fankhauser found the slightest of advantages on lap three.  They continued to drive side by side with Fankhauser on the outside and Hanestad on the inside.  Laps counted down and they never broke formation, nor did they touch.  Just past the halfway point, Hanestad moved to the lead by inches.  He stayed there for two laps, but it was Fankhauser answering back and taking the same precarious lead.  Again two laps later, Hanestad found the lead and was able to muster enough momentum to clear the eleven machine.  Once he had cleared into the lead, he no longer had to pinch his car down on the tires in the corners and was able to move to a more comfortable advantage to the checkers.  Fankhauser scored a second place finish as the battle for third, which was excellent in its own right, was won by Mike Knudtson over Adam Soltis and Hunter VanGilder.

The Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stock heat was won by Jason Havel as he went on to sweep the night’s action in the oddest of fashions.   Pat Smith and Kent Harmon were on the front row of the main event as Harmon drove to the lead and appeared to be the car to beat.  He led about ten laps when Jesse Bryan was able to draw even and edge into the lead.  Bryan crossed the finish line first over Harmon as Havel was scored in third and Smith fourth.  Cody Tisdale had retired from the event early and was scored fifth.  However a post-race inspection found the same infraction in both the winner’s and runner up’s cars.  They were disqualified and Havel was given the feature win sticker and check.  Smith and Tisdale moved to second and third respectively.

The Value Implement Hornets heats were won by Darrel Komro and Jeremy Johnson as Johnson went on to sweep the nights action.  Bradley York and Scott Hayden paced the feature as they circled the track neck and neck the first lap.  On lap two, Hayden edged out into the lead but it was short lived as seventh starting Johnson found the lead a lap later.  It was Johnson driving the distance to yet another feature win in 2015.  William Voeltz raced to second place getting past both fourth finishing Komro and third running Hayden.  Derrick Johnson rounded out the top five.

Red Cedar Speedway returns to racing action on Friday, August 7, 2015, as the Kim Parson Memorial Trophy Tour Night are part of the weekly racing series event presented by Mars Racing and Keyes Chevytown, Organ & Tissue Donor Awareness.  The WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models, along with the Pure Stocks and Hornets will all be in action.

TIM’S AUTOMOTIVE MODIFIED FEATURE: Kevin Eder, Kevin Adams, Ashley Anderson, Mike Anderson, Matt Leer, Jake Hartung, Kerry Halopka, Steve Hallquist, Nick Koehler, David Baxter, Bryan Hessler, Mark Hanson, Steve Lavasseur

Heat One: Matt Leer, Nick Koehler, Steve Hallquist, Ashley Anderson, Kerry Halopka, Bryan Hessler, Mark Hanson

Heat Two: Mike Anderson, Jake Hartung, Kevin Adams, Kevin Eder, David Baxter, Steve Lavasseur

JOHNSON MOTORS SUPER STOCK FEATURE: Jason Forehand, Rick Hallquist, Steve Thomas, Gunnar Watkins, Bart Steffen, Jesse Redetzke, Chad Gullixson, Darrel Hazelton, Luke Schultz, Ralph Stark, Mike Anderson DNF, Eric Schultz DNF, Curt Myers DNF, Tony Falkner DNF

Heat One: Mike Anderson, Curt Myers, Jason Forehand, Bart Steffen, Darrel Hazelton, Ralph Stark DNF, Luke Schultz DNF

Heat Two: Gunnar Watkins, Rick Hallquist, Jesse Redetzke, Steve Thomas, Chad Gullixson, Tony Falkner, Eric Schultz

SOUTHWORTH CHEVROLET MIDWEST MODIFIED FEATURE: Shane Halopka, Michael Truscott, Travis Anderson, Jake Smith, Nick Koehler, Karl Kolek, Ben Shultz, Josh Hessler, Collin Hazelton, Austin Ellis, Mitchell Booth, Brent Voeltz, Andrea Keeney DNF, Jake Hanson DNF, Dave Shackleton DNF

Heat One: Shane Halopka, Travis Anderson, Josh Hessler, Brent Voeltz, Ben Shultz, Collin Hazelton, Andrea Keeney DNF, Mitchell Booth DNF

Heat Two: Nick Koehler, Michael Truscott, Jake Smith, Dave Shackleton, Karl Kolek, Austin Ellis, Jake Hanson DNF

CONRAD’S AUTO SALVAGE STREET STOCK FEATURE: Ron Hanestad, Sam Fankhauser, Michael Knudtson, Adam Soltis, Hunter VanGilder, Kolby Kiehl, Jared Linder

Heat One:  Ron Hanestad, Hunter VanGilder, Sam Fankhauser, Jared Linder, Michael Knudtson, Adam Soltis, Kolby Kiehl

KADINGER AUTO SALVAGE PURE STOCK FEATURE: Jason Havel, Pat Smith, Cody Tisdale DNF, Jesse Bryan DQ, Kent Harmon DQ

Heat One: Jason Havel, Jesse Bryan, Kent Harmon, Pat Smith, Cody Tisdale DNF

VALUE IMPLEMENT HORNETS FEATURE: Jeremy Johnson, William Voeltz, Scott Hayden, Darrell Komro, Derrick Johnson, Kevin Kadinger, Dillon Pronschinske, Leslie Jackson, Jordan Langer, Dean Butler, Kurt Kadinger DNF, Bradley York DNF, Ross Hoffmann DNS, Sean Svee DNS

Heat One: Darrell Komro, William Voeltz, Kevin Kadinger, Dean Butler, Jordan Langer, Kurt Kadinger, Ross Hoffmann

Heat Two: Jeremy Johnson, Scott Hayden, Bradley York, Derrick Johnson, Leslie Jackson, Dillon Pronschinske, Sean Svee DNF