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Fankhauser in a thriller at Red Cedar Speedway

by Brad Erickson

MENOMONIE — The Red Cedar Speedway was in action on Friday, July 03, 2015, as 24/7 Telcom and Red Cedar Speedway Kid’s Club sponsored the nights action.  The WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models, along with the Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks and Value Implement Hornets were all in attendance.

In what is one of the best traditions in racing, drivers took their race cars onto the track and the kids were allowed to meet them up close and receive treats and candy.  It is a terrific way to foster growth in the racing world with potential future drivers and fans themselves.  Feature winners included John Kaanta, Kevin Adams, Jason Forehand, Shane Halopka, Sam Fankhauser, Jeremy Dahl, and Jeremy Johnson.

The T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Model heat was won by Rick Hanestad as Greg Nippoldt and John Kaanta sat in the front row of the feature.  Kaanta made quick work of taking the lead as he never looked back in the caution free event.  Jake Redetzke was able to close in second as the leader approached lap traffic, but Kaanta drove through the lappers flawlessly and on to the checkers.  The third row of Mike Prochnow and Rick Hanestad finished third and fourth as Chad Mahder rounded out the top five.

The Tim’s Automotive Modified heats were won by Kevin Adams and Ashley Anderson as Adams and Jay Richardson held the front row.  Adams immediately moved to the lead as Richardson followed and fifth starting Jake Hartung drove to third.  The only slowing of the race occurred when Steve Hallquist and Mark Hanson spun with Hanson being called for the foul.  On the restart Hartung overtook Richardson and challenged Adams for the lead on the low side.  Adams was too strong, but Hartung didn’t go away, making for an interesting battle in the front.  Eighth starting Ashley Anderson overtook third and slowly closed on the leaders, but there weren’t enough laps for him to be a factor in the win.  Richardson finished fourth and Hallquist fifth.

Two Johnson Motors Super Stocks heats were won by Jason Forehand and Mike Anderson.  In the feature Mark Smith and Tony Falkner paced the field but Smith started early before the green.  A second attempt saw Smith spinning in turn two and another complete restart saw Smith in the rear and Mike Anderson, who had already moved to the lead in both start attempts move to the outside of row one.  Anderson immediately drove to the lead and began to drive away from the field.  Jesse Redetzke raced to second and Andy Davey to third but late in the event a stalled Jeff Klopstein drew a caution.  The field was reset as Anderson’s near strait stretch lead was erased.  On the restart Davey attempted a slide job in turns three and four on Anderson and they made heavy contact but Davey became the leader and Jason Forehand moved to second.  The pace was slowed for another caution flag and on the restart, Anderson repaid with a slide job in three and four with heavy contact with Davey.  Davey dropped out of the top five and Anderson out of the race with a flat tire.  Forehand took advantage and cruised the rest of the distance for the feature win as Redetzke and ninth through eleventh starting Gunnar Watkins, Eric Olson, and Lucas Plank rounded out the top five.

The Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modifieds heat winners were Travis Anderson and Brent Voeltz as Voeltz and Mike Knudtson held the front row of the feature.  The first attempt at a start saw major movement near the front of the field, but a spinning Josh Wahlstrom reset the pack and sent Ron Jablonske to the rear.  A full restart saw Kyle Johnson take the lead, but Dave Shackleton found the turn one wall and Knudtson was eliminated with resulting damage.  A third attempt saw Voeltz lead lap one. Kyle Johnson passed for the lead on lap two as Shane Halopka and Jake Smith followed and filled out the top three.  A spinning Douglas Carlson who was very narrowly missed by Jake Hanson, drew another caution.  On the restart, drivers went three wide as Halopka eased into the lead.  On the final circuit, Smith worked inside Halopka and took the lead down the backstretch but Halopka regained the point on the high side of turns three and four and drove home to the win.  Smith followed closely to the line as Kyle Johnson was scored in third.  Seventeenth starting Karl Kolek had a terrific run to the fourth position and Travis Anderson finished fifth.

Hunter VanGilder won the heat and he started outside of Ashley Wahlstrom on the front row of the Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stock feature.  The five cars in presence didn’t allow their small numbers to affect them as they put on the best show of the night.  VanGilder took the early lead as Sam Fankhauser, driving Don Cook’s car, moved to second and Adam Soltis to third.  Fankhauser was able to move into the lead down low as Soltis charged to second and took the lead a lap later.  Fankhauser fought back, regaining the lead on the high side as last starting Jim Gullixson moved to third.  The fading VanGilder lost a tire drawing the caution and successfully retuned from the work area to rejoin the field.  As Fankhauser lead them back to green, Gullixson got crossed up in turn two, saved it, and nearly pounded the wall on the backstretch nearing the pit exit in turn three.  Again, he impressively saved the car.  Soltis challenged for the lead on the bottom of the track and passed for the point coming to the white flag.  Soltis held the lead coming into three but pushed up the track badly in turn four as Gullixson and Fankhauser made it a three wide drag race to the line.  It was Fankhauser winning, followed by Gullixson and Soltis.  VanGilder finished fourth and Ashley Wahlstrom, who had retired from the event, was scored fifth.

The Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stocks heat winner was Jesse Bryan as Jeremy Dahl and Mike Knopps were on the front row of the main event.  Dahl used his pole starting position to move to the lead and dominate the race.  Behind him, it was Kent Harmon who moved to second and Jason Hovel to third.  However, shorty past halfway, Havel drove up on the inside tires in turn three.  His car got up on two wheels but he was able to save it from rolling over.  He shot across the entire track trying to regain control and nearly hit the turn four wall.  The impressive save saw him drop to near the back of the pack.  Meanwhile Jesse Bryan moved to third but Tyler Lamm was able to overtake the position.  One lap later, Bryan got into Lamm, Lamm spun, the yellow flew, and Bryan was relegated to the rear.  After the restart, Dahl continued to rule over Harmon.  Bryan was able to recover and finish third over Havel and Lamm respectively.

The Value Implement Hornets heats were won by Bradley York and Jeremy Johnson.  There was seemingly little in question as to the eventual top two as two of the most dominate Hornets, Johnson and William Voeltz, paced the feature.  True to form, Johnson drove to the lead and was chased by Voeltz the entire distance to the checkered flag in a caution free event.  Behind them; however, it was eighth starting Leslie Jackson who drove through traffic, overtook fourth finishing Bradley York, and began to close on the leaders.  Her third place finish was impressive.  Derrick Johnson crossed the line in fifth.

Red Cedar Speedway returns to racing action on Friday, July 10, 2015, as Dirt Track Specialties, Autism Awareness, and Baxter’s Speed Shop present the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models, along with the Pure Stocks and Hornets.

T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Model Feature: Kaanta, Redetzke, Prochnow, R. Hanestad, Mahder, Nippoldt, B. Hanestad, Adams, Green

Heat One: Rick Hanestad, Greg Nippoldt, Chad Mahder, Jake Redetzke, John Kaanta, Mike Prochnow, Buddy Hanestad, TJ Adams, Todd Green

Tim’s Automotive Modified Feature: Adams, Hartung, A. Anderson, Richardson, Hallquist, M. Anderson, Halopka, Drews, Hanson DNF, Williams DNF

Heat One: Kevin Adams, Steve Hallquist, Jake Hartung, Mike Anderson, Zack Drews

Heat Two: Ashley Anderson, Mark Hanson, Kerry Halopka, Jay Richardson, Cory Williams DNF

Johnson Motors Super Stock Feature: Forehand, Redetzke, Watkins, Olson, Plank, Davey, Falkner, Smith, Steffen DNF, Anderson DNF, Hazelton DNF, Klopstein DNF, Harris DNF, Hallquist DNF

Heat One: Jason Forehand, Tony Falkner, Jeff Klopstein, Jesse Redetzke, Gunnar Watkins, Lucas Plank, Darrel Hazelton DNF

Heat Two: Mike Anderson, Andy Davey, Bart Steffen, Eric Olson, James Harris, Rick Hallquist DNF

Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modified Feature: Halopka, Smith, K. Johnson, Kolek, Anderson, Voeltz, Hanson, Elliot, Carlson, Booth, R. Jablonske, Wahlstrom DNF, R. Johnson DNF, Dave Shackleton DNF, Knudtson DNF, B. Jablonske DNF, Nick Koehler DNS

Heat One: Travis Anderson, Shane Halopka, Jake Smith, Kyle Johnson, Dave Shackleton, Mitchell Booth, Ron Jablonske, Jake Hanson DNF, Karl Kolek DNF

Heat Two: Brent Voeltz, Craig Elliott, Michael Knudtson, Robbie Johnson, Douglas Carlson, Bonnie Jablonske, Nick Koehler DNF, Josh Wahlstrom DNF

Conrad’s Auto Salvage Street Stock Feature: Fankhauser, Gullixson, Soltis, VanGilder, Wahlstrom DNF

Heat One: Hunter VanGilder, Adam Soltis, Sam Fankhauser, Ashley Wahlstrom, Jim Gullixson

Kadinger Auto Salvage Pure Stock Feature: Dahl, Harmon, Bryan, Havel, Lamm, Knopps DNF, Tisdale DNF

Heat One: Jesse Bryan, Jason Havel, Jeremy Dahl, Kent Harmon, Mike Knopps, Tyler Lamm, Cody Tisdale,

Value Implement Hornets Feature: J. Johnson, Voeltz, L. Jackson, York, D. Johnson, A. Waldera, Langer, C. Waldera, Pronschinske, Kurt Kadinger, Hanson, Lunsman, Kevin Kadinger DNF, Lindseth DNF, Martens DNF

Heat One: Bradley York, Chad Waldera, Derrick Johnson, Dillon Pronschinske, Jordan Langer, Kevin Kadinger, Kurt Kadinger, Casey Hanson

Heat Two: Jeremy Johnson, William Voeltz, Leslie Jackson, Alex Waldera, Shane Lindseth, Fred Lunsman, Donald Martens DNF