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Bulldogs, Toppers open outdoor track season

BALDWIN — Mother Nature finally decided to give us a taste of spring last week.

And several area athletic teams took advantage of the warm temperatures and clear blue skies to participate in several events including the Boyceville and Glenwood City track and field teams which both got the outdoor season underway with an 8-school meet held at Baldwin-Woodville High School onTuesday, April 14.

A trio of area athletes – two Bulldogs and a Hilltopper – each placed and scored points in three separate events in Baldwin.

Senior Logan McAbee-Thomas took one of the two firsts earned by Boyceville competitors when he claimed the triple jump crown with a leap of 40’ even, over ten inches better than runner-up Levi Wolf of Elmwood/Plum City. He also took fourth in the 100 meters (:12.09) and fifth in the long jump (18’ 5.5”).

Tyler Krueger, a Boyceville sophomore, captured the area’s only other top finish when he vaulted 11’ to win the boys’ pole vault competition at Baldwin.

Sophomore Cassie Malean also copped points in three events for the Bulldogs with a pair of third place finishes in the long jump (14’ 11.5”) and high jump (3-way tie at 4’ 6”) as well as a fourth in the 200 meters (:29.20).

Glenwood City senior Marcus Kadinger also pulled off the trifecta with a pair of thirds in the 400 (:55.41) and 800 (2:19.82) meter runs. Kadinger also finished tied with the top leap of 5’ 6” in the high jump but took second based on misses to Ellsworth freshman Adam Huber.

Juniors Morgan Kadinger and Rachel Klatt each placed in a pair of events to help lead the Glenwood City girls to a sixth place tie with Boyceville as each team finished with 46 points.

Eau Claire Regis came out on top of both the girls’ and boys’ standings with 151.5 and 139 points respectively.

Hayward, with 148.5 points, was a close second in the girls’ team scoring followed by host Baldwin-Woodville, Elmwood/Plum City, and Ellsworth  to round out the top five. Spring finished last, just three points behind the Bulldogs and Toppers.

The Bulldogs boys’ team tallied 76.5 point for a fifth place showing while the Hilltoppers were 20 points and one place back in sixth. Spring Valley finished as the boys’ runner-up with 130.5 with Elmwood/Plum City and Ellsworth tied for third at 104 points each. Baldwin-Woodville was seventh and the Hayward boys were eighth.

Morgan Kadinger finished in a three-way tie for third in the high jump along with Boyceville’s Cassie Malean and Regis’ Hayley Gibbons after each cleared 4’ 6”. Kadinger also placed fourth in the 800 meters (2:42.25).

Rachel Klatt was third in the girls’ shot put with a throw of 34’ 9.25” and sixth in the discus throw with a best of 79’ 9”.

The Lady Hilltoppers also scored points in all four of its relay events; taking third in the 4 x 800 meters, fourth in the 4 x 100 m, fifth in the 4 x 200 m and sixth in the 4 x 400 m.

Four other area athletes also scored points in a pair of events.

Boyceville sophomore Erica Sempf secured two fourth place finishes as she ran 1:10.61 in the 400 meters and jumped 14’ 8” to finish just three inches and a place behind teammate Cassie Malean. Fellow Bulldog and senior Mitchell Pustol also captured a pair of fourth place finishes. He earned them in the 1,600 meter run (4:59.73) and the 300 meter intermediate hurdles (:50.61).

Seniors Todd Petersen and Kaitlin Konder also scored points in a pair of events for the Hilltoppers. Petersen finished second in the 110 meter high hurdles (:18.60) and fifth in the triple jump (36’ 5.5”). Konder was part of the three-way tie in the ladies pole vault competition finishing with a best vault of 6’ 6” and ran to an eighth-place showing in the 1,600 meters (6:30.08).

Much like the Glenwood City girls’, relays proved to be valuable-point getters for the the other three area squads as well. Boyceville’s boys scored fourth-place finishes in the 4 x 100, 4 x 400 and 4 x 800 meter relays while its girls’ teams had a fifth and two eighth-place finishes in the same ones. The Topper boys grabbed a fourth in the 4 x 200 m and fifths in the 4 x 400 and 4 x 800 meters races.

Several other area competitors earned places and points in the meet. Those along with the finishes of all Glenwood City and Boyceville athletes are noted in the results that follow. The top eight finishes in each event earn team points (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1).

BOYS’ TEAM RESULTS: 1. Regis 139; 2. Spring Valley 130.5; 3. Elmwood/Plum City 104, 3. Ellsworth 104; 5. Boyceville, 76.5; 6. Glenwood City, 56.5; 7. Baldwin-Woodville 52; 8. Hayward 27.5.

GIRLS’ TEAM RESULTS: 1. Regis 151.5; 2. Hayward 148.5; 3. Baldwin-Woodville 123; 4. Elmwood/Plum City 74; 5. Ellsworth 62; 6. Boyceville 46; 6. Glenwood City 46; 8. Spring Valley 43.

INDIVIDUAL GIRLS’ RESULTS: 100m dash- 5. Gabby Peterson, Glenwood City, 13.94; 10. Mariah Voeltz, Glenwood City, 14.46; 11. Ireland McAbee-Thomas, Boyceville, 14.72; 22. Paulina Wenke, Boyceville, 15.90; 31. Denisa DeSmith, Glenwood City, 17.53 32; Maddy Wagner, Glenwood City, 21.12. 200m dash- 4. Cassie Malean, Boyceville, 29.20; 15. Carlee Schultz, Boyceville, 32.03; 23. Ellen Lindquist, Glenwood City, 33.89; 28. Denisa DeSmith, Glenwood City, 38.71. 400m dash- 4. Erica Sempf, Boyceville, 1:10.61; 8. Emily Voelker, Boyceville, 1:13.27; 9. Maya Petersen, Glenwood City, 1:14.07; 11. Macie Rasmussen, Glenwood City, 1:14.58; 13. Breanna Foer, Boyceville, 1:27.55. 800m rush- 4. Morgan Kadinger, Glenwood City, 2:42.25; 7. Makayla O’Brien, Glenwood City, 2:48.56; 9. Anna Hagen, Boyceville, 2:54.50. 1600m run- 8. Kaitlin Konder, Glenwood City, 6:30.08; 9. Elizabeth Wink, Glenwood City, 6:38.45; 12. Carolyn Voelker, Boyceville, 7:22.27. 100m hurdles- 8. Mariah Voeltz, Glenwood City, 19.91. 300m
9. Abby Kegen, Boyceville, 1:03.11. 4x100m relay- 4. Glenwood City, 54.68 (Mariah Voeltz, Jennifer Kopacz, Gabby Peterson, Morgan Kadinger); 5. Boyceville, 54.98 (Cassie Malean, Ireland McAbee-Thomas, Erica Sempf, Carlee Schultz); 9. Boyceville, 1:03.08 (Paulina Wenke, Satina Chilson, Brooklyn Booth, Emily Voelker). 4x100m relay- 4. Glenwood City, 54.68 (Mariah Voeltz, Jennifer Kopacz, Gabby Peterson, Morgan Kadinger); 5. Boyceville, 54.98 (Cassie Malean, Ireland McAbee-Thomas, Erica Sempf, Carlee Schultz); 9. Boyceville, 1:03.08 (Paulina Wenke, Satina Chilson, Brooklyn Booth, Emily Voelker). 4x100m relay- 4. Glenwood City, 54.68 (Mariah Voeltz, Jennifer Kopacz, Gabby Peterson, Morgan Kadinger); 5. Boyceville, 54.98 (Cassie Malean, Ireland McAbee-Thomas, Erica Sempf, Carlee Schultz); 9. Boyceville, 1:03.08 (Paulina Wenke, Satina Chilson, Brooklyn Booth, Emily Voelker). 4x200m relay- 5. Glenwood City, 2:00.97 (Megan Seiser, Maya Petersen, Gabby Peterson, Macie Rasmussen); 9. Boyceville, 2:21.02 (Abby Kegen, Lauren Dominick, Breanna Foer, Mariah Drury).
4x400m relay- 
6. Glenwood City, 4:51.62 (Maya Petersen, Macie Rasmussen, Megan Speiser, Makayla O’Brien); 8. Boyceville, 5:04.99 (Lauren Dominick, Carlee Schultz, Emily Voelker, Erica Sempf). 4x800m relay- 3. Glenwood City, 10:57.88 (Jennifer Kopacz, Kaitlin Konder, Makayla O’Brien, Morgan Kadinger); 8. Boyceville, 12:56.27 (Carolyn Voelker, Samantha Merkel, Brooklyn Booth, Breanna Foer); High Jump- 3. Morgan Kadinger, Glenwood City, 4-06.00; 3. Cassie Malean, Boyceville, 4-06.00; 13. Makayla O’Brien, Glenwood City, 4-00.00; 16. Megan Spieser, Glenwood City, 3-10.00. Pole Vault- 5. Brooklyn Booth, Boyceville, 7-00.00; 7. Kaitlin Konder, Glenwood City, J6-06.00; Long Jump- 3. Cassie Malean, Boyceville, 14-11.5; 4. Erica Sempf, Boyceville 14-08.25; 13. Mariah Voeltz, Glenwood City, 13-03.25; 16. Megan Speiser, Glenwood City, 12-01.00; 17. Ellen Lindquist, Glenwood City, 11-10.50; 19. Carlee Schultz, Boyceville, 11-00.00. Triple Jump- 3. Ireland McAbee-Thomas, Boyceville, 29-07.25. Shot Put- 3. Rachel Klatt, Glenwood City, 34-09.25; 11. Paulina Wenke, Boyceville, 24-04.50; 14. Haley Wold, Boyceville, 22-08.00; 20. Satina Chilson, Boyceville, 20-01.00. Discus Throw- 6. Rachel Klatt, Glenwood City, 79-09; 10. Paulina Wenke, Boyceville, 69-04; 15. Haley Wold, Boyceville, 63-01; 16. Satina Chilson, Boyceville, 62-00.

INDIVIDUAL BOYS’ RESULTS: 100m dash- 4. Logan McAbee-Thomas, Boyceville, 12.09; 9. Jacob Kopacz, Glenwood City, 12.34; 14. Darian Multhauf, Glenwood City, 12.66; 25. Ethan Kahler, Glenwood City, 13.2.7; 28. Urs Kahmann, Boyceville, 13.37; Brandon Kenefick, Boyceville 14.84. 200m dash- 6. Jacob Kopacz, Glenwood City, 25.25; 9. Darian Multhauf, Glenwood City, 25.93; 17. Ethan Kahler, Glenwood City, 27.63; 21. Michael Reidel, Boyceville, 30.68. 400m
3. Marcus Kadinger, Glenwood City, 55.41; 14. Ludwig Canonge, Glenwood City, 1:05.32; 800m run- 3. Marcus Kadinger, Glenwood City, 2:19.82; 6. Jack Kremer, Glenwood City, 2:30.47; 11. Matt Bauman, Glenwood City, 2:37.17; 16. Ludwig Canonge, Glenwood City, 2:49.32. 1600m run- 4. Mitchel Pustol, Boyceville, 4:59.73; 5. Riley Schutz, Glenwood City, 5:23.56; 9. Wesley Franklin, Glenwood City, 5:33.19; 10. Keil Anderson, Boyceville, 5:39.97; 12. Owen Wagner, Glenwood City, 5:46.37. 3200m run- 6. Kiel Anderson, Boyceville, 12:02.79; 10. Andrew Bauman, Glenwood City, 12:45.72; 11. Corey Klatt, Glenwood City, 12:47.73. 110m hurdles- 2. Todd Petersen, Glenwood City, 18.60; 4. Dylan Lamm, Boyceville, 21.26. 300m hurdles- 4. Mitchel Pustol, Boyceville, 50.61; 9. Jack Kapsner, Boyceville, 1:01.11. 4x100m
4. Boyceville, 52.64 (Urs Kahmann, Dylan Lamm, Michael Reidel, Nolan Windsor). 4x200m relay- 4. Glenwood City, 1:41.31 (Fuechee Vang, Jacob Kopacz, Todd Petersen, Darian Multhauf); 9. Boyceville, 1:50.19 (Urs Kahmann, Nolan Windsor, Michael Reidel, Dylan Lamm). 4x400m relay- 4. Boyceville, 3:57.95 (Logan McAbee-Thomas, Tyler Krueger, Mitchel Pustol, Jack Kapsner); 5. Glenwood City, 4:05.24 (Matt Bauman, Owen Wagner, Riley Schutz, Jack Kremer); 7. Boyceville, 4:12.83 (Ryan Corr, Caleb Hagen, Michael Chich, Nolan Windsor). 4x800m relay- 4. Boyceville 9:41.96 (Kiel Anderson, Jack Kapsner, Caleb Hagen, Ryan Corr); 5. Glenwood City, 9:46.93 (Riley Schutz, Wesley Franklin, Owen Wagner, Jack Kremer). High Jump- 2. Marcus Kadinger, Glenwood City, J5-06.00; Pole Vault­- 1. Tyler Krueger, Boyceville, 11-00.00; 6. Brandon Kenefick, Boyceville, 7-00.00; 6. Nick Schone, Glenwood City, 7-00.00. Long Jump- 5. Logan McAbee Thomas, Boyceville, 18-05.50; 9. Todd Petersen, Glenwood City, 16-11.00; 18. Ethan Kahler, Glenwood City, 14-05.00. Triple Jump- 1. Logan McAbee-Thomas, Boyceville, 40-00.00; 5. Todd Petersen, Glenwood City, 36-05.50; 11. Urs Kahmann, Boyceville, 32-06.00; 13. Nolan Windsor, Boyceville, 28-04.00. Shot Put- 3. Brandon Windsor, Boyceville, 39-11.50; 10. Caleb Arndt, Boyceville, 32-07.50; 23. Michael Reidel, Boyceville, 25-09-.25. Discus Throw- 3. Caleb Arndt, Boyceville, 113-07; 23. Michael Reidel, Boyceville, 63-06.