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An Outdoorsman’s Journal – 5-29-2013

Exploring Clark County
by Mark Walters

Hello friends,

My 12-year-old daughter Selina and I wanted to go camping and she wanted to be able to ride bikes with me on the camping trip. Naturally our golden retriever Fire would come along and I wanted our adventure to take place somewhere that we had never been to before.

I was actually doing laundry when I pulled out my Wisconsin Gazeteer and located Sherwood Lake in southern Clark County and saw that it had a campground on it. That, my friend, is how we found our newest getaway.

Saturday, May 18th – High 79, low 48

Both Selina and myself were in an excellent mood this morning as we loaded our 2006 Chevy Silverado “crewcab” with baseball gloves, volleyball, camping gear, fishing gear, and a canoe. In case you did not catch it I said 2006 Chevy Silverado!  Yep the old 96 has been delegated to farm truck and Selina and I are living in style. This truck has about 50 features on it that I didn’t even know existed it (what is a cd player)!  Where the heck is the odometer. Why does my horn go off when I hit the button on my key chain? I thought air conditioning meant put the windows down.

The old ’96 was good to me as any best friend can be but I do believe I see more pride in my daughters face when I pick her up in the school parking lot with the 2006.

As I mentioned earlier, I had never seen Sherwood Lake or park but I was pleasantly surprised when we pulled into camp today. First, for anyone that is not aware of this, Clark County may the sweetest kept secret in Wisconsin. Ample forest and farmland in a 1960’s setting are what I think about when I think of Clark County and if I were to relocate, Clark County would be thoroughly checked out.

Sherwood Park is surrounded by, what I am assuming is, County forest. Sherwood Lake does not have a single home on it and I kept thinking I have to come back here and bowhunt, trap, fish and shoot geese.

Of the 36 campsites, only five were taken and Selina’s only care was that we take one where we did not have neighbors.

After setting up camp we launched our canoe, had Fire come along and went exploring and fishing. The fish were not very hungry and we did not care a bit. After dark it was brats cooked on the campfire and the Brewers on the radio.

Sunday, May 19th – High 76, low 46

One thing I think is worth mentioning is the crazy mother on the shoreline last night that made for some nasty background entertainment. Sherwood lake is only 117 acres and though it was really cool to see her fishing from shore with her kids, she must have sat on a thorn or something because, the entire time we were fishing she was yelling at her kids.

My advices to crazy mom, pull out the thorn, smell the roses and enjoy life. Everyone can hear you yelling and if you heard a recording of the things you were saying to your kids, you would be embarrassed.

On a side note, three days ago I was at a girls softball, as well as, boys hardball game and I challenged some kids to a race on the school track. I won the first heat and felt 17 again. Some older kids got into the second race and halfway through the 70-yard sprint something gave out on the front of my left leg between the knee and hip and I believe that this injury is going to be a problem for a while.

Today, Selina and I went on several bike rides and she taught me how to play the game Nookem, which is where you throw the volleyball versus serving it. I loved this game and think that I will put up a volleyball net at our house, I have to admit it is not a good game for someone with a blown out “something” on their leg.

Both Selina and I agreed that the best part of this weekend adventure was a long bike ride that we went on where we explored forests marshes and farms. One farm that we explored a little bit had long ago been abandoned and we both felt like we were stepping back into the 1950’s.

As is always the case we stayed until just before dark, went on another canoe ride and dodged one heck of a bunch of deer on a very pleasant ride home.

Play with your kids.  Sunset.