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The Rockpile – 5-1-2013

We will have the City Championship this week to see which team will have bragging rights for this year as the winner will be the grand champion of all of the Men’s and Ladies’ leagues. I will announce the big winner next week.

Also this week we’ll have the shootout for the top bowlers who participated in our 9-pin tournament. The people rolling in the roll-off are Bob Obermueller, Dave Hurtgen, Dean Anderson, Terry Weiss, Travis Dorwin and Gary Standaert. This roll-0off will be this Friday night starting between 6:30 and 7:00. Should be a fun event. Come watch the fun!! Thanks to all of the bowlers who took part in the tournament. We had over 600 participants this year!! I’d like to thank the following businesses who helped sponsor our tourney: M&M Bar, AL’s Boondocks, Papa’s Bar and Grill, Brothers Mart, the Pump House and Peg’s Pleasantview Inn. Please support these great sponsors!!

I will have the payouts ready to be picked up by Friday, May 10th. Any check not picked up by May 17th will be sent out.

This Week’s Momism: (Thanks to Shannon Forrest for this one) “If you don’t pick this stuff up, it’s all going into the garbage!!”

Birdie with a yellow bill, hopped upon my window sill, cocked a shining eye and says: “What’s the matter little boy…blue??” Bee Boop!!

Cure For An Age Old Problem…

A woman goes to the doctor, worried about her husband’s temper.

The doctor asks, “What’s the problem?”

The woman says, “Doctor, I don’t know what to do. Every day my husband seems to lose his temper for no reason. It scares me.”

The doctor says, “I have a cure for that. When it seems that you husband is getting angry, just take a glass of water and start swishing it in your mouth. Just swish and swish and swish but don’t swallow it until he leaves the room or goes to bed and is asleep.”

Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn. The woman says, “Doctor, that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband started losing it, I swished with water, I swished and swished, and he calmed right down! How does a glass of water do that?”

The doctor says, “The water itself does nothing. It’s keeping your mouth shut that does the trick…”

Wisconsin Fishermen’s Thoughts

Two Wisconsin men are out just fishing quietly and drinking beer.

Almost silently, so as not to scare the fish, Bob says, “I think I’m gonna divorce my wife. She hasn’t spoken to me in over two months.”

Craig continues slowly sipping his beer, then thoughtfully says, “You better think it over, Bob. Women like that are hard to find.”

This Week’s Religious Rockpile Readers

Bonnie and Gordie Cronk – Downing, Wis.

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