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Church Dartball League concludes 2012-13 season

The Big Elk Creek dartball team finished first in the local Church League team standings with a record of 32-16 and won the league tournament for the 2012-2013 season.

The team from Tainter placed second in the standings at 26-22 and was also second in the tournament. Elk Mound wound up in the middle of the pack in the league standings with a record of 24-24 while Popple Creek ended the season at 21-27 and Iron Creek brought up the rear at 17-31.

Bill Stewart had the highest average for the season at .445 and Chad Kragness was second with a .428 average. Vic Jensen led the league in RBI with 53 while Joel Meyers and Steve Stewart both had 45.

Big Elk Creek 32-16
Tainter 26-22
Elk Mound 24-24
Popple Creek 21-27
Iron Creek 17-31