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An Outdoorsman’s Journal – 1-9-2013

An Outdoorsman’s Journal – 1-9-2013
A column by Mark Walters

Adventure Galore!

Hello friends,

This week I am writing my annual year in review story, which always insures that I get to stay home for the holidays.  After looking over each column I wrote last year, I have to admit, I live an insane life, have a ton of friends, and am a very fortunate person.

January 2012

Here is one of the best fishing holes that I can tell you about if you are not already aware of it.  I camped on the Mississippi River on what is called the Stoddard Islands and caught some huge perch along with northern pike and bluegill. I would recommend this place to anyone.

February 2012

One of my other favorite places to reliably catch big fish is Spring Lake near Alma. I camped on and fished Spring Lake twice last winter and both times I saw some humongous northern pike. The second trip was with several family members and we froze our hiney’s off.

March 2012

I only started fishing the walleye run on the Fox River at Depere two years ago, but I think I have it figured out.  Do your best to stay away from the crowd and put in your time, large numbers of walleye will be caught.

April 2012

I started out the month hunting elk sheds near Clam Lake with my buddy Scott Polencheck.  This year we slept under the stars with my pup Fire and found some dandy sheds.

In the middle of the month, I headed over to lakes Buttes de Morts and Winnebago where I canoe “paddled” for walleye for 16 hours without getting out of my canoe, big fish of the night was a 26-incher, I got caught in a storm in the dark on Winnebago and I had a sturgeon swim directly underneath my canoe for a good 20 minutes.

Selina also shot her first turkey in April and that double bearded “toms” tail looks real nice displayed in our living room.

June 2012

O Canada is always the big trip for that month!  Shultz lake is a fly in lake that I have been playing on since ’82 and I consider myself a lucky man to have my daughter for a fishing partner and so many friends and family along on what is truly an incredible adventure.

July 2012

I learned how to fish for big, flathead catfish with “the Muddaubers” on the Wisconsin River near Portage and these guys know how to fish.     Later in the month I paddled my canoe from 6 in the evening until 8:00 the next morning on Lake Michigan near Algoma.

I wanted to catch a salmon or a trout and just as the sun was rising I met my goal.    I also had a close encounter with “The Badger” that night and kind of saw my life flash before my very eyes!

August 2012

I ran a bear bait just because and had fun sitting over it. I fished with a bunch of friends in a musky tournament and they made me stay up late one night!  My best memory is of taking Jenna and Jamie Bistodeau, Tess Bigalke and my daughter Selina camping on an island on the Flambeau flowage for four days.  I am fortunate to be watching these girls grow up and we always have a blast when we spend time together.

September 2012

I went on two hunting trips on the Mississippi River and watched Selina shoot her first goose and her first duck.  I also watched my golden retriever Fire become a very skilled duck retriever.   Fire is due to have pups on the 22nd of January and that is causing a lot of excitement in this house.

I am running out of space so I have to sum up the next three months!  They were a blast!  Totally exhausting!   I laughed a lot! Selina shot her first deer!     I learned what the definition of completely worn out is!

When I mature I will get a real job!   Sunset