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An Outdoorsman’s Journal – 12-5-12

by Mark Walters

The Red Brush Gang, One Very Fun Deer Camp!

Hello friends,

How much fun can a person have in a lifetime?  If you are a member of The Red Brush Gang, I guarantee that each November, you can have so much fun it almost kills you.   Please read further for clarification.

Saturday, November 17th
High 47, low 35

Lots to say-so here goes!  Dense fog made visibility very difficult to see a whitetail deer that was farther then 50-yards away until 9:00 a.m. this morning, that fog saved many deers’ lives.

The Red Brush Gang numbered about 15 this morning and was spread out in the big forests of northern Juneau County.  Today was the quietest opener that I have ever witnessed in my 41-years hunting this same forest.

My brother Tom was up from Denham Springs, Louisiana and would be spending the entire season at deer camp, my brother Mike and his 11-year-old son Dylan, like my daughter Selina and I would not see a deer as was the case for over half of the Red Brush Gang.

Ryan Moll shot a 3-point buck and also watched a bobcat walk by his stand.  Fourteen-year-old Joey Cibulka shot a spiker and later in the day was so fast a sleep, his dad Todd Cibulka had to climb up his tree to wake him up.

My nephew Riley Schuster saw a wolf and the following day, when Dylan Walters saw his first deer, it was an albino.

Tonight for the 41st year in a row, I enjoyed the “Hunters Dinner” that is hosted by the members of The St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Necedah!

Sunday, November 18th
High 51, low 38

A challenge for a father with an 11-year-old daughter is getting her a makeable shot at a whitetail deer in big forest country. I have taught Selina that every opportunity is generally 1-4 seconds, today we hunted the entire day and Selina did not fire her gun.

My old buddy Jeff Moll, who has been hunting here for like 38-years straight, had a great time with his boys Ryan, Nate,and Grant.   This morning, Grant put out the fire on a large doe and about midday, Ryan kicked up a beautiful 10-point buck that Jeff sent to the frying pan and living room wall.

Tonight we had our annual “Sunday Night Party” Jeff had some really intelligent comments and actions, especially as the night wore on and Nate declared he is skipping school and staying all week at deer camp.  Hurrah for deer camp, long live The Red Brush Gang!

Monday, November 19th
High 46, low 29

The last seven days of the deer gun season, The Red Brush Gang, which today, numbered 17 (population changes daily, we have 16 kids between 10 and 24) does deer drives.   We have refined our operation, which is physical, logistical, sometimes fails, and these days’ results in dead, deer.

Selina is only 11, so I am within an arms length of her while she is carrying a gun.  I have a tripod setup for her on every drive and we always practice potential directions deer could come running from.

Today, Selina had two easy shooting situations at doe that were pushed to her and were 45-yards away.  In both cases, Selina could not even raise her gun, as there were hunters beyond the deer.

My brother Mike, on the other hand, had a beautiful 8-point buck pushed to him and I am happy to say that, that buck is now in whitetail heaven, where his soul is happy, his stomach is easily filled and does always think that he is the “Dominant Buck”!

There’s no place like “Deer Camp”!  Sunset