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Boyceville Village Board gets more info on library project

While meeting as a committee of the whole, the village board received more information about the proposed new library project.

A couple of weeks ago, the village board had members of the library board at their regular monthly meeting who had drawings of what a new facility would look like constructed along the village’s Main Street. They also had cost estimates for the project.

At Monday nights meeting, Village President Luke Montgomery opened up the discussion on the library by saying, “I was in sticker shock,” when he found out that the estimate cost of the project was just over five million dollars, plus the cost of the land for the building.

John Thompson of the IFLS spoke to the board about grants to help fund the project and indicated that the village might be able to apply for a $4.2 million dollar grant and he when into detail about applying for that grant. The library would have to have a plan and have a site selected with an option to purchase that site. He noted that application for that grant would be in May and awarding would not take place until later in the summer.

Bill Schute of River Architect explained, “We could start construction next April and have it completed before winter of 2025 to meet the grant deadline.”

A handout that the board received listed possible sources of funds including an estimate of $571,500 from donations and business sponsors.

Montgomery, who appeared concerned about funding the project stated that the village only has $1.1 million of borrowing power left and that the current budget has a $149,000 short fall saying about the $1.1 million, “that’s only one-fifth of the project. He talked about keeping some of that money incase the village has an emergency and needs funds.

Montgomery questioned what the amount of square feet in the present library has and was told it was 3,120 square feet, with Montgomery saying the new plan has “four times what we have now.”

The discussion turned to the Main Street site that the library board favored and that the village would need some sort of hold on that property which they would need for their plan to apply for a grant. During the planning for the project the library board had looked at four different sites within the village, but found the Main Street site to best fit the needs of the library.

The board will move ahead with professional help in determining what should be offered for that chosen site that presently is owned by a private party.

At the beginning of meeting, the village board listened to a presentation by Boyceville School District Administrator Nick Kaiser who presented information about the school’s $18 million dollar referendum, which will be on the April 2nd ballot.

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