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DC School of Agriculture met September 16 at Moose Lodge

Back: Jane Donnelly Braford,
Myron Christianson, Front: Leroy Moritz,
Arnold Henderson, Marlene Henderson.

The 104th reunion of the Dunn County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy, fondly known as Aggie, met at The Moose in Menomonie on Saturday, September 16 at noon with 42 attendees. President Don Olson called the meeting to order and explained that his brother, Marvin was missing because he had surgery the day before for a brain bleed. He had undergone surgery for a malignant brain tumor earlier and is awaiting radiation treatment. Marv’s wife, Myrna, and daughter, Deb, were able to get out the notices and invitations. Many thanks to them for getting that all done. A letter was read from Carroll Beguhn who was a 1943 grad, also a poem written by Pete Bodette, that was printed in a recent edition of the Glenwood City Tribune. Pete graduated from Aggie in 1951.

Biggest Family (Donnelly), June Bradford, Phyllis Alf, Valerie Johnson, Helen Christianson

The oldest graduates were Rose Lutzen, class of ‘45 and Don Sipple, class of ‘46. Honored classes were ‘48 with Roy Cropp, class of 1953 with LeRoy Motitz, June Donnelly Braford, Arnold Henderson, Myron Christianson, and Marlene Williams Henderson, and class of ‘58 with Vic Christianson.

The largest family group that attended the reunion was the Donnelly family, Phyllis Alf, Valerine Johnson, June Braford, and Helen Christianson. Four more of their siblings also attended Aggie but have passed away.

We voted to meet the 3rd Saturday of September, 2024 at the Moose. Anyone that attended Aggie is welcome, even if you did not graduate. If you are interested, call Marv Olson, Don Olson or Lois Sipple.



Aggie Roy Cropp, 1948

Vic Christianson, 1958

Rose Frenschik, 1945

Don Sipple, 1946

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