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Local elections next Tuesday, April 4th

All municipalities in Wisconsin will be holding their general election next Tuesday, April 4th with candidates for local offices plus school board candidates.

The following is a list of candidates for open offices in St. Croix County for the various municipalities in this area. Dunn County offices are listed at the end of St. Croix County. Election notices and instructions are included within this issue of the Tribune Press Reporter. Dunn County notices are printed within the pages of this issue while St. Croix County uses a supplement insert for notices for all county municipalities.

City of Glenwood City

For a two year term on the city council, incumbents Ben DeGross, Austin Sandow and Kent Kletscher are running for the three open sears on the council. For mayor of Glenwood City, Robert Unruh, who currently has been the city head as council president since the registration of long-term mayor John Larson, is seeking the Mayor’s job. That position is for a one-year term.

Town of Glenwood

Here Rick Obermueller and Dale Berends are seeking the two-year term as Town Chairman while Bill McCluskey and Barry Peterson are the candidates for the two open seats on the Town Board. Lori Obermueller and Audrey Maes are the only candidates for town clerk and town treasurer.

Town of Forest

Town Chairman, Jamie Junker is seeking another term as town chairman and Jeff Ericson and Laverne Hoitomt are running for the sideboard. Nicole Miller is on the ballot for town clerk and for town treasurer, Nikki Sunday is on the ballot.

Town of Emerald

In the Town of Emerald, all incumbents are seeking to be returned to the town board, they are: Henry Hurtgen for town chairman, Tom Wink and Francis Klatt for the two seats on the town board.

Town of Springfield

Only incumbent office holders appear on next Tuesday’s ballot in the Town of Springfield. They are Dean Fayerweather as town chairman, Barry R. Ketchum and James Mahoney as sideboard members. The clerk and treasurer are appointed positions.

Village of Wilson

Kristine Schwartz is seeking the office of Village President while Amanda Millermon is running for the open Trustee seat.

Village of Boyceville

Only two people have filed for the three open seats on the Village Board and they are the incumbents, Brad Stevens and Sonya Zebro. The third open seat on the village board, was held by Bill Sempf, who resigned earlier this year.

Lukas Montgomery is seeking another term as Village President.

Boyceville School Board

Here Sharon Formoe is seeking a three-year term on the school board.

Glenwood City School Board

There are two open seats on the Glenwood City School Board and the two incumbents, Lisa Kaiser and Steve Davis are on the ballot.

Menomonie School District

Six people in the Menomonie School District are seeking the three open seats on the school board. They are: Scott Parker, Amy Riddle-Swanson, Charlie Schneider, Brittany Weiker, Dale Dahlke and Amber Kersting.

Village of Wheeler

Lillian Milune and Tom Stansbury are incumbents that are seeking to be returned to the village board.

Village of Downing

In Downing there is no candidate on the ballot for Village President and Jim Luepke is seeking the open seat on the village board. Jennifer Lagerstrom is seeking another term as Village Clerk. There is no candidate for village treasurer. 

Town of Stanton

In the Dunn County Township of Stanton, Steven Nielsen is seeking another term as Town Chairman while Karl Hackbarth and Stephanie May are on the ballot for the two board members. 

Town of Tiffany

In the Town of Tiffany, Lee Kegan is opposing incumbent Town Chairman, Chuck Siler for the top seat. For the First Supervisor, Kevin Brown and Justin Clark are seeking that seat and for the Second Supervisor, Matthew Shepard and Ellen E. Carlson are on the ballot.

Katie Moll is seeking to be re-elected as Town Clerk and Joann Utphall as Town Treasurer.

Town of Menomonie

In the Town of Menomonie, Kent Jackson is the only candidate for town chairman while Scott Barnhart is the candidate for the Town Board Supervisor one. There are two candidates running for the Second Supervisor seat and they are: Brian K. Johnson and Arden McMartin. Nancy Ponto is running for town treasurer.

Town of Hay River

Here Michelle Drury is seeking to be elected as Town Chairman, while Jeff Lake is the only one on the ballot for Supervisor number one. Josh Riek and Bob Retz are challenging each other for the  Second Supervisor seat.

Samantha Bird is running for town treasurer while K. Lee is seeking the town treasurer.

Town of New Haven

In the Dunn County Township of New Haven, all town board offices have contests on the ballot. For Town Chairman, Jeff Carlsrud and Larrie Rosen are seeking that position.

For the two seats on the Town Board, four candidates were nominated at the town caucus. They are: Stewart Bartz, Lisa Pederson, Pat Breslin and Brian Loida. Mark Bartz is on the ballot for town treasurer.

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