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Nine Colfax powerlifters qualified to compete at the state meet

by LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — Nine members of the Colfax powerlifting team qualified to compete at the state meet in Appleton March 5 and 6.

Kennedy Shane placed fifth at the state meet.

The Colfax powerlifting team has a roster of 24 members.

The powerlifting team competed in four meets this year at River Falls, Osceola, Elk Mound and Cameron.

Those who competed at the state meet participated in five meets all together this year.

Here are the state results:

Audrey Ebert — Squat, 237 lbs (personal record); Bench, 126 lbs (personal record); Deadlift, 281 lbs (personal record).

Ashton Greenwell — Squat, 435 lbs; Bench, 276 lbs; Deadlift, 463 lbs (personal record).

Dylon Hiitola — Squat, 463 lbs; Bench, 265 lbs; Deadlift, 424 lbs.

Asher Pecha — Squat, 348 lbs (personal record); Bench- 203 lbs (personal record); Deadlift, 457 lbs (personal record).

Ava Sedivy — Squat, 187 lbs (personal record); Bench, 93 lbs (personal record); Deadlift, 282 lbs (personal record).

Kennedy Shane — Squat, 292 lbs; Bench, 138 lbs; Deadlift, 342 lbs. (Finished in fifth place at the state powerlifting meet.)

Mark Solberg — Squat, 446 lbs; Bench, 254 lbs; Deadlift, 502 lbs (personal record).

Here is the roster of the Colfax powerlifting team: Asher Pecha, Dylyn Hiitola, Mihretu Emch, Dylan Clayton, Matt Dachel, Christian Ebert, Ashton Greenwell, Mark Solberg, David Paulson, Cohen Martinson, Brian Tuschl, Drake Knutson, Gabe Cuaquehua, Grant Paulus, Christopher Evenson, Chance Smith, Kennedy Shane, Ava Sedivy, Caren Cuaquehua., Karyn DeLorge, Chloe Plemon, Brooklyn Adank-Bruh, Audrey Ebert and KaLeigh Shane.

COLFAX POWERLIFTING STATE QAULIFIERS — Front row from left: Coach Emily Evenson, Ava Sedivy, Caren Cuaquehua, Dylyn Hiitola, Cohen Martinson. Second row from left: Coach Chad Evenson, Audrey Ebert, Kennedy Shane, Ashton Greenwell, Mark Solberg, Asher Pecha, Coach Matt DeMoe. The state powerlifting meet was in Appleton March 5 and 6. —photo submitted

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