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Colfax village president candidate Jeff Prince

Jeff Prince

COLFAX — Colfax village president candidate Jeff Prince will be one of two candidates on the ballot in the April 4 election for the position of village president.

In addition to Prince, who is currently serving as a village trustee on the Colfax Village Board and who also is a candidate for a village trustee position, faces challenger Carey Davis, who is currently serving on the village board as trustee as well.

The Colfax Messenger sent out questionnaires to the village president candidates.

Here are Prince’s answers:

What is your occupation?

I am a business owner, running Prince’s Windshield Repair and Service since August of 2002. I have been operating my business full time for the last few years. Recently, I was asked to help out the school district as a bus driver. Owning my own business allows me to drive bus, as well as referee many football and basketball games.

What is your educational background?

I graduated from Colfax High School in 1989. Following high school, I received some college, education at WITC in Rice Lake and CVTC in Eau Claire and earned a state certification as a law enforcement officer. 

Why did you decide to run for village president?

As a lifelong resident of the village of Colfax, I am concerned about the well-being of where I call home. I want the village to grow with businesses and residentially. I’m worried about what will happen to our community if we don’t. I feel that the duty of the Village President is to give strong support to our residents, businesses and employees. Growth for a small community is important for everyone.

What do you believe to be the two biggest issues facing the Village of Colfax?

High taxes and infrastructure needs.

How would you go about addressing those issues?

The village board needs to work on solutions to fix the high tax issue, whether it is by bringing in new businesses, or expanding our residential areas, or other improvements. While there is never an easy solution, we need to come up with a plan! 

As far as infrastructure, even in a small community like Colfax, it is important. We have several village streets that have been put off from being fixed year after year. At some point, we need to get these streets fixed while looking at improving our water and sewer lines in the process. We need to work together and be creative to come up with a solution instead of “kicking the can down the road” for another 20-plus years.

Anything else you would like voters to know?

I believe in order to address the issue of high taxes we need to look at different ways to grow and create revenue for the village. I would like to see more residential growth, but we are at a stand still because there is no place to build. If we can put our heads together as a board and community, we can accomplish this.

I am running as a candidate for village president, and also running for a second term as a village board trustee. Get out and vote to have your voice heard. 

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