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Colfax High School Solo/Ensemble 2023 participants

Solo/ensemble was held at Colfax High School on Wednesday, March 15.  Students performed for WSMA judges and were given comments and ratings.


I* (qualifying for state May 6):

Jazz Band – Rosie Sonnentag, Rachel Rose, Audry Ackerlund, Matthew Dachel, Olivia Runowski, Dylan Hiitola, Zach Hiitola, Kaysen Goodell, Aydren Beebe, Skylar Maves, Mark Sonnentag, Leila Hurlburt, Rainer Neuville, Ava Sedivy, Marek Neuville, and Ashton Greenwell.

Mens’ Vocal Ensemble – Aydren Beebe, Alex Rose, David Paulson, David Lyrek, Jacob Wibel, Theo Hovde

Womens’ Vocal Ensemble – Willow Molde, Sunjee Lowery, Jordan Johnson, Ella Nelson, Ava Sedivy, Clara Hydukovich, Karyn DeLorge, Emma Palewicz, Allison Schmitt

Jordan Johnson-vocal solo

Jordan Johnson-music-theatre solo

Theo Hovde-vocal solo

Theo Hovde-music-theatre solo

David Paulson-solo

Emma Palewicz-vocal solo

Emma Palewicz-music-theatre solo

Alex Rose-music-theatre solo

Aydren Beebe-music-theatre solo

Class A, 1

Aydren Beebe-vocal solo

Ava Sedivy-vocal solo

Allison Schmitt-vocal solo

Class A-II

Saxophone Quartet (Skylar Maves, Olivia Runowski, Dylyn Hiitola, Matthew Dachel)

Mark Sonnentag-trombone solo

Alex Rose-vocal solo

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