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2023 Glenwood City Solo & Ensemble results

Glenwood City High School hosted Solo & Ensemble Festival on Thursday, March 9th.

Schools participating were: Spring Valley, Boyceville, Mondovi and Glenwood City. The primary purposes of WSMA festivals are to:

• Establish standards of quality for music literature.

• Motivate students to prepare and perform to the best of their abilities.

• Improve students’ understanding of music literature and music concepts

• Provide opportunities for performance of original student compositions.

• Support improvement of school music programs through individual and group achievement.

• Encourage exploration of diverse musical styles and ensemble combinations.

The Wisconsin School Music Association uses the following guidelines for criteria checkmarks:

*I & I – Excellent (consistently outstanding)

II – Very Good (very good performance with only minor shortcomings)

III – Good (demonstrating accomplishment but lacking several essential qualities)

IV – Fair (numerous weaknesses and/or errors)

V – Poor (lacking in fundamental aspects of performance, understanding, or preparation)

CO – Critique only. Students played for the experience of getting feedback from adjudicators. No rating assigned.


*I Ratings (State Qualifiers) State Solo & Ensemble is Saturday, May 6th @ UW-Eau


*Owen Bauman – Alto Saxophone Solo

*Mali Draxler/Lyra Ketola – Clarinet Duet

*Nick Hierlmeier/Charlie Lamb – Trombone Duet

*Mali Draxler/Lyra Ketola/Elsja Meijer/Kiley Leduc – Clarinet Quartet

*Percussion Ensemble – Elek Anderson, Ilan Anderson, Emily Tews, Zach Hill, Jayden Quinn, Ian Radintz, Sydney Grant, Brooklyn Caress, Sakari Beaman, Zeb Holden

*Trombone Choir – Nick Hierlmeier, Noah Brite, Blake Wakeling, Charlie Lamb, Cole Wakeling, Sam Casselius, Will Standaert, Hailey Monn, Mitchell Main

*Woodwind Choir – Haylie Hannah, Taylor Nutter, Hailey Ketola, Mali Draxler, Lyra Ketola, Elsja Meijer, Kiley Leduc, Alena Albrecht, Callie Augusen, Stephanie Anderson, Michaela Blaser, Max Janson, Mitchell Heutmaker, Aubree Logghe, Alex Petersen, Owen Bauman, Aaron Brigham, Greta Draxler, Lisa Yang, Savanna Millermon, Kyra Flick, Evelyn Radintz, Kayley Dickmann

*Clarinet Choir – Mali Draxler, Lyra Ketola, Elsja Meijer, Kiley Leduc, Alena Albrecht, Callie Augusen, Stephanie Anderson, Evelyn Radintz, Kayley Dickmann, Michaela Blaser, Greta Draxler

*Sydney Grant – Classical Vocal Solo

*Haylie Hannah and Sydney Grant – Vocal Duet

*Kyra Dahl and Lyra Ketola – Vocal Duet

*Kyra Dahl – Classical Vocal Solo

*Haylie Hannah – Classical Vocal Solo

*Haylie Hannah, Sydney Grant, and Lyra Ketola – Vocal Trio

*Sydney Grant – Musical Theater Solo

*Haylie Hannah – Musical Theater Solo

*Kyra Dahl – Musical Theater Solo

*Junior/Senior Boys Choir – Steven Booth, Will Standaert, Elek Anderson, Owen Bauman, Aaron Brigham, Noah Brite, Marcus Gluege, Cody Hansen, Mitchell Heutmaker, Nicholas Hierlmeier, Max Janson, Jayden Quinn, Blake Wakeling, Marquese Hoyer, Morgan Kohls, Brett Peterson, Garet Eggert, Brady Klatt

*Vocal Jazz Ensemble – Haylie Hannah, Kenzie Price, Lisa Yang, Aubree Logghe, Madison Burns, Emily Tews, Lyra Ketola, Sydney Grant, Allaina Johnson, Kyra Dahl, Noah Brite, Max Janson, Brady Klatt, Nicholas Hierlmeier, Owen Bauman, Steven Booth, Elek Anderson, Ilan Anderson

I Ratings

Kenzie Price – Classical Vocal Solo

Sophomore Girls Choir – Madison Burns, Sanaa Cardine, Jayda Howard, Alaya LaValley, Kylie Ohman, Morgan Blaser, Kyra Dahl, Isabel Davis, Kiley Leduc, Jenna McCarthy, Elsja Meijer, Tayler Nutter, Emily Tews

Brass Choir – Dakota Schone, Steven Booth, Wyatt Thompson, Cody Hansen, Marcus Gluege, Rheanna Bischel, Rileigh Schwartz, Blake Fayerweather, Tyler Harrington, Jackson Logghe, Kloe Dahl, Kyra Dahl, Isabel Davis, Opal Voeltz, Lillie McGee, Charlie Lamb, Brody Riba, Colton Berends, Mitchell McGee, Clayton Hoffman, Brody Olson

Lisa Yang – Classical Vocal Solo

Emily Tews – Musical Theater Solo

II Ratings

Saxophone Choir – Max Janson, Mitchell Heutmaker, Emily Monn, Aubree Logghe, Alex Petersen, Owen Bauman, Aaron Brigham, Natalle McCarthy, Lisa Yang, Savanna Millermon, Evan Hojem, Morgan Blaser, Jenna McCarthy, Brooklyn Brite, Brady Thompson, Kenzie Price

Kyra Dahl – Horn Solo

Elsja Meijer – Clarinet Solo

Kenzie Price, Lisa Yang, and Allaina Johnson – Vocal Trio

Emily Tews – Classical Vocal Solo

Kloe Dahl/Kyra Dahl – Horn Duet

Aubree Logghe – Classical Vocal Solo

Sakari Beaman – Classical Vocal Solo

Junior/Senior Girls Choir – Callie Augesen, Sakari Beaman, Michaela Blaser, Sydney Grant, Haylie Hannah, Lyra Ketola, Maddie Klatt, Savanna Millermon, Nikki Multhauf, Kenzie Price, Lisa Yang, Brooklyn Caress, Aubree Logghe, Alex Peterson, Madison Caress, Allaina Johnson, Avery Rubenzer, Libby Wagner, Dakota Clark, Natasha Lagerstrom, Ellery Unser


I Ratings

Elsja Meijer – Classical Vocal Solo

Aleena Main – Classical Vocal Solo

Callie Augesen – Classical Vocal Solo

Emily Tews – Timpani Solo

Lyra Ketola/Hailey Ketola – Oboe/Clarinet Duet

Ava Pack – Clarinet Solo

Freshmen Girls Choir – Alexis Alms, Kaylin Brandt, Kayley Dickmann, Greta Draxler, Hailey Ketola, Lillie McGee, Hailey Monn, Evie Radintz, Sadie Stansbury, Opal Voeltz, Kate Bazille, Miley Blaser, Julia Edison, Haylee Schone, Tessa Wagner, Gabriella Willams

II Ratings

Elizabeth Lawson – Classical Vocal Solo

Emily Tews – Snare Drum Solo

Alletta Meijer – Classical Vocal Solo

Percussion Ensemble – Anaka Eliason, Landon Obermueller, Micha Simmons, Ben Klatt, Garrett Gross, Ben Standaert


I Ratings

Olivia Heath, Shaylyn Hubbell, and Erica Bauman – Vocal Trio

Ava Pack, Addison Wakeling, Haylee Deiss, and Iszy Blaser – Two-Part Vocal Ensemble

Bella Gross and Bailey Lyons – Vocal Duet

Rozlyn Webb, Blake Wink, and Tori Miller – Two-Part Vocal Ensemble

Aleena Main and Elizabeth Lawson – Vocal Duet

Erica Bauman – Trumpet Solo

Aubrie Hillstead – Classical Vocal Solo

Kamryn Brandt, Vettori Holden, and Sky Schilling – Vocal Trio

Sachiko Gottfried – Classical Vocal Solo

Gabe Kohler – Classical Vocal Solo

Freshmen/Sophomore Boys Choir – Alex Anderson, Logan Klatt, Vincent Yang, Royce Buum, Isaiah Marier, Elijah Millermon, Esdyn Swenby, Nicholas Heutmaker, Clayton Hoffman, Mitchel Main, Landon Obermueller, Brody Olson, Brody Riba, Micah Simmons, Ilan Anderson, Zeb Holden, Charlie Lamb, Jackson Logghe

Brass Choir – Kaylin Brandt, Michael Wheeler, Lexi Alms, Sadie Stansbury, Carson Anderson, Dakota Schone, Opal Voeltz, Lillie McGee, Isabel Davis, Colton Berends, Brody Riba, Nick Heutmaker, Clayton Hoffman, Brody Olson 

Izzy Blaser/Hayley Diess – Clarinet/Saxophone Duet

Preston Arvey/Zach Bacon/Gus Kohler – Saxophone/Tuba Trio

Isabel Weyer – Clarinet Solo

Ava Pack/Isabel Weyer/Izzy Blaser – Clarinet Trio

Izzy Blaser – Clarinet Solo

Aubrie Hillstad/Elizabeth Lawson – Clarinet Duet

Vettori Holden – Alto Saxophone Solo

Elizabeth Lawson – Clarinet Solo

Addy Wakeling – Alto Saxophone Solo

Shaylynn Hubbell/Aletta Meijer – Flute Solo

Haylee Deiss – Alto Saxophone Solo

Ava Pack/Isabel Weyer – Clarinet Duet

Aletta Meijer/Isabel Weyer – Flute/Clarinet Duet

Kamryn Brandt – Horn Solo

Addy Wakeling/Haylee Deiss – Saxophone Duet

Ava Pack/Haylee Deiss – Clarinet/Saxophone Duet

Addy Wakeling/Haylee Deiss/Vettori Holden – Saxophone Trio

Shaylynn Hubbell/Erica Bauman – Flute/Trumpet Duet

II Ratings

Pyrsais Marmolejo – Classical Vocal Solo

Alletta Meijer and Isabel Weyer – Vocal Duet

Mychaela Heller – Classical Vocal Solo

Rozlynn Webb/Mikayla Hubbell/Jaycie Oberle/Emilyn Hoffman/Tori Miller – Brass/Woodwind Quintet

Aletta Meyer – Flute Solo

The Glenwood City Music Department Team is Maddie LeBouton (6-12 Choir & K-3 Music),

Matt Lamb (5-12 Band & 2-5 Music), Connie Root (band lessons), Nancy Wucherpfennig (band lessons), and Noah Vander Loop (UWEC student teacher).

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